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 3 Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With the Kids

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Cinco de Mayo, which means the fifth of May, celebrates Mexico’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. It’s now celebrated in many parts of the United States, though it also has its roots in Mexican culture and heritage. If you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your kids, here are three ways to do so without spending too much money or making it too complicated!

Play a Game

Have fun with kids at your Mexican Fiesta party by playing some great Cinco de Mayo games. If you have little ones who need to be kept busy and entertained, why not play some silly games with them? They’ll enjoy it just as much as their older relatives, if not more! If you have a baby in the family, dress her in one of these cute knotted baby gowns in red, white, or green for the colors of the Mexican flag so that she can be festive in her own little way. For the older kids, here are three ideas for fun activities to do at your Mexican Fiesta party celebrating Cinco de Mayo with kids:

  • Have a pinata
  • Mexican loteria (Bingo)
  • Pin the tail on the burro
  • Pass the sombrero

Be sure to have prizes for the winner of the games such as Mexican candy or other Mexican treats.

Cook Together

What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than by cooking a little? Break out your best Spanish music and try one of these fun activities to do with kids. The first activity is pretty self-explanatory: serve up some guacamole! Have each child take turns mashing up avocado with lime juice in a small bowl. Once it’s smooth enough for their liking, they can add salt or hot sauce. A nacho bar is also another great idea for an appetizer and if there’s one thing every parent knows is that kids love cheese. Toppings can include black beans, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, ground meat, sour cream, and guacamole.

Next, try making your own salsa that you can use to lay out a spread with tortilla chips and queso. And don’t forget a margarita for Mom! If the kids would like to enjoy a Mexican drink, you can try making horchata. For your main course, get the grill ready and lay out some carne asada to enjoy some tacos. Put a taco station together with some corn tortillas, some chopped onion, chopped cilantro, and lime wedges so that once the carne asada is ready, everyone can put on their own toppings.

For dessert, you can make the typical flan dish that comes in a package with instructions. Because you’ll have to let it sit overnight you’ll want to make it the day before. If you don’t have time, you can always support one of your neighborhood Mexican bakeries and order a tres leches cake or sweet bread such as conchas.

Have a Dance Party

Dancing and celebration are a big part of Cinco de Mayo. Use music and games like musical chairs to get everyone involved in a fun activity that celebrates family togetherness. If you’re celebrating with kids, make sure to include activities they can participate in. While some adults might enjoy dancing for hours, younger children will probably want something more engaging than just watching their parents have fun—and playing games is a great way to keep them engaged while also celebrating Mexican culture. If you’re planning on dancing and want baby to participate, a great way to enjoy both is by wearing one of the best Baby Tula carriers so that baby can sit comfortably while you share a dance or two.

The holiday isn’t just about celebrating Mexico’s victory over France in 1862—it’s also a celebration of Hispanic culture. However, while you may be tempted to take your kids out for a traditional Mexican meal, consider getting creative and trying these fun activities instead. Not only will they help celebrate, but they’ll also open up important opportunities for discussion with your kids. Use them as an opportunity to learn more about cultural traditions!

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