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Is Manaka Ranaka Passed Away in Car Accident?

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Manaka Ranaka Passed Away – A name is trending on the web that Manaka Ranaka is in the headlines because of a car accident. Reports are coming that Manaka Ranaka passed away. This news is getting circulated on the web and gaining the attention of the people. This news has created several questions in the mind of the people. People are shocked after hearing the sad news of a well-known South African actress and television personality. People have not expected that he will die like this. Let’s continue the article.

Who is Manaka Ranaka?

Who is Manaka Ranaka_

Manaka Ranaka is a popular South African actress known for her prominent role in the long-standing soap opera, Generations: The Legacy. She was born on April 6, 1979. In the year 2000, Manaka played the character of Nandipha Sithole in the Isidingo soap opera which was broadcasted on SABC 3.

Manaka’s talent was recognized when she won the Best Actress in a Television Comedy award at the South African Film and Television Award (SAFTA) ceremony in 2007. Manaka is a mother to three children, Katlego, Naledi, and a new baby. She has acted in several TV shows such as Stokvel, One Way, Home Affairs, Rhythm City, and Zabalaza.

Biography of Manaka Ranaka

Manaka Ranaka Born on April 6, 1979, in Soweto SA, this lady is a famous South African actress who started by performing in productions like Drumstruck. She was thrust into the limelight by her role as Lucy Diale on Soap Generations. Her parents Kgotlaesele Ranaka and mother Nonceba Ranaka raised her together with sisters Mpumi Ranaka and Dineo Ranaka. Dineo is famous TV and radio presenter who hosted the show ‘Dineo Live on Drive’ on Y-FM.

Quick facts

  • Manaka Ranaka age is 40years old;
  • Her height is 5 feet 4 inches;
  • The weight is 58kg;
  • She is a mother of two.

Early Life and Education of Manaka Ranaka

Manaka Ranaka was born to mother Nonceba Ranaka on April 6, 1979, in Soweto, South Africa. Her hometown was the township of Soweto in Johannesburg, Gauteng province of South Africa. As for schooling, She attended Dinwiddie high school from 1995 to 1998, where she completed her education. She had a family of five and grew up with her sisters Dineo Ranaka, and Mpumi Ranaka, and a brother named Ranaka Ranaka. Her sister Dineo is also an actress and a TV Presenter. Manaka seems to have been cut out for the stage because immediately after school, she went into acting. She started by performing in productions like On My Birthday, Drumstruck and Trong.


  • In 2000, she was in the cast of the SABC3 soap Isidingo as Nandipha Sithole. Around this time, she got pregnant, and after sharing the good news, she was fired.
  • In 2002, she played the role of Portia on Gaz’lam which aired four seasons on SABC1.
  • In 2003, she was featured in all eight original Sitcom seasons on SABC2. She was played Lerata Khumalo.
  • In 2005, she was featured on the Media in South Africa episode in a documentary series Sex TV.
  • 2006, she starred in One Way on SABC3 as Nozuko. In the same year, she played a supporting role as Tshia in Vinolia Ntuli on SABC1.
  • In 2007, she was featured as Neli, in Home Affairs season four. Around the same time, she starred in an SABC1 drama series dubbed Society as Ayanda.
  • In 2012, she acted as ZaneleKgaditse in Rhythm City, an e.tv soap. She was the wife of the infamous Rocks Kgaditse.
  • In 2013 she played a starring role alongside Thami Africa, Baby Cele and Seputla Sebogodi in Zabalaza, a Mzanzi Soap.

Manaka Ranaka’s Personal Life

Ranaka is a single mother and has two children named Katlego and Naledi who were born in the year 2001 and 2010 respectively. Her children are from two different fathers and she is open to answering any questions related to their fathers. She had a boyfriend named Thabo Monareng but the couple broke up after a few years.

She is a single mom who raised her daughters with the help of her parents and siblings since she was mostly busy working. The family is very close and Ranaka is like a friend to her daughters. She is entitled to a South African Film and Television Award ( SAFTA) in the category of Best Actress in a Television Comedy.

Ranaka was rumoured to be a lesbian because of her tomboy nature.

The rumors made her confused as well so to test her sexuality she kissed some girls but didn’t like it which made it clear that she is actually straight. There were times when she was questioned and criticized about her parenting style but she didn’t care a bit since she knows in her heart and soul that she is doing her best bit.

Manaka Ranaka’s Career

  • Ranaka is a professional actress who debuted in the entertainment industry in 1999. It was in the year 2000 when she was cast for Isidingo a South African soap opera also known by Isidingo: The Need. She appeared in the role of Nandipha Sithole alongside other South African actors Nthabi Tau, Michael Sebonego, and Pumla Hopa.
  • Ranaka was fired from the show after they found out about her pregnancy. She was unmarried so the makers of the show decided to lay her off and that was very hurtful to Ranaka. It was her first job and to support her upcoming baby she needed that job very badly.
  • In the year 2006, she was cast in the movie One Way. She portrayed the character Portia in Gaz’lam which aired in SAC1 and has four seasons in total. In her 2003 series Stokvel, she appeared in the role of Lerata Khumalo and it aired on SABC2 for eight seasons straight.
  • Ranaka continuously started making her appearances in many Television programs. She was cast in one of the seasons of Home Affairs and appeared in the role of Ayanda in the Sac1 drama series, Society. Her other notary works include Rhythm City and Zabalaza which are television soap operas.
  • She, however, came to the limelight in 2014 after appearing on the Television series Generation: The Legacy. In the series, she portrayed the role of Lucy Diale. The series was a spin-off of the series Generations.
  • The Ranaka family have a reality show named The Ranakas which shows their lives behind the camera. It was scheduled to start on January 12, 2017. She also appeared in the TVSA show Mzansimagic’s series Lockdown 3.

Manaka Ranaka’s Net Worth

From her amazing career so far Ranaka has accumulated a decent net worth which is estimated to be in millions. She has become a part of several television shows and movies and earns an impressive salary.

Manaka Ranaka Rumoured Death

There have been plenty of reports circulating on the internet regarding the demise of the actress. That has sent the industry people and her fans into a state of shock and frenzy. Such reports regarding prominent celebrities go viral on social media in no time. However, most often, these reports are just a cheap publicity stunt to grab traction around the name of the celebrity. Therefore, the PR team of some celebs initiate such rumours intentionally.

It was reported that Manaka met with a car accident and lost her life. However, there were also some reports online which suggested that she was dead after an illness. However, these rumours are most likely false as the actress has been seen posting on her Instagram handle. She is doing fine but has not addressed these reports. Hence, it would be safe to conclude that she is healthy and is certainly, very much, alive. We know how important online identity is in modern times.

If you stay away from the internet, you become obsolete pretty quickly. This is particularly concerning for people in the show business. They remain relevant as long as they are in the public eye. Once they are not present, people forget them quite easily. Therefore, we could only suggest our readers not trust any such misinformation and ensure that you confirm such news from verified and reliable sources.

Is Manaka Ranaka Dead?

Her death news has put all in shock. The entire entertainment industry is shocked and sad at this time. This is shocking news for everyone. She had a good fan-following among people but now they are going through an upset time because of their personal death. Manaka was a versatile actress who had been in the industry for over 20 years and her contributions to the industry. She will be in the heart because of her amazing work. Several things remain to tell you about the news so you will get more information about the news in the next section of the article.

She died and left people devastated. This news came in the morning. She died at the age of 43 years old. She is famous for her role as Lucy Diale on SABC 1’s soapie Generations: The Legacy, and reportedly died in a car accident. On the basis of the report, the accident occurred in the early hours of the morning on the N1 highway in Polokwane, Limpopo. She was travelling alone in her Mercedes-Benz C-Class when she lost control of the vehicle because it rolled over many times before coming to a stop. Scroll down the page to know more information about the news.

Is Manaka Ranaka Passed Away? Everything You Need to Know

People are confused is Manaka Ranaka dead or alive, this confusion arises after hearing her death news spread on the internet, scroll down and check out more information about Manaka Ranaka.

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As per sources, there have been rumours circulating on social media about the death of Manaka Ranaka for the past few days. The statement mentioned above was released on March 19, 2023, in response to these rumours.

Some rumours claimed that she had passed away in a car accident, while others suggested that she was alive and well. However, neither her family nor any official statement has confirmed the passing of the actress. Our sources are currently investigating the origins of these rumours and trying to ascertain their veracity.

Is Manaka Ranaka Passed Away in a Car Accident?

There have been rumours circulating on social media about the supposed death of South African actress Manaka Ranaka. However, there is no credible information or evidence to suggest that she died in a car accident or any other incident. These rumours are unsubstantiated and should be treated with caution until there is an official confirmation or statement from reliable sources.

It is important to note that false rumours about the death of celebrities or public figures can often spread quickly on social media, causing unnecessary panic and distress for their fans and loved ones. In this case, it is vital to wait for an official statement or confirmation before jumping to any conclusions about the cause of Manaka Ranaka’s supposed death.


Furthermore, She was well known and loved actress and television personality who had been in the entertainment industry for a long time. She did great work in her life and entertain her fans. Several fans are not ready to accept that she is no more but this is the truth that she is dead. People are mourning her death and their condolences to her family. Several are paying tributes to share images on social media platforms. We pray God gave peace to her soul and strength to her family. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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