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The Best Face Rollers and Application Tips

Face Rollers

Get A Nice Massage: The Best Face Rollers And Application Tips

Face Rollers – Face Rollers have become an integral part of the facial skin routine for many beauty lovers. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr also swear by it. But very few use the practical beauty tool that soothes the skin and adequately conjures up a rosy complexion.

The roller, often made of jade or rose quartz, tempts you to run quickly and uncontrollably over your entire face: up and down, back and forth. That’s why we explain which facial rollers are available and how to use them correctly.

Face Rollers: Which Stone is for Particularly Beautiful Skin?

The new beauty rollers made of jade or rose quartz for the face are not only beautiful to look at to its application with an anti-ageing effect on unwanted wrinkles and a healing effect on blemished skin. In addition, the lymphatic drainage with the excellent stone makes the skin appear rosy, plump and healthy. The properties of the beautiful gems also have a decongestant effect during the massage.

The two most popular face roller stones are jade and rose quartz. Since the seventh century, Rose quartz and jade rollers have been in traditional Chinese medicine. For flatter areas of the face such as cheeks or forehead, the larger side of the stone can be used, the smaller ones for the eye area and nose.

In addition to the face roller made of gemstones,  GuaSha stones are also currently being hyped, with which more substantial pressure shall be constructed when massaging.

Most beauty products are offered in sets: jade rollers or the counterpart made of rose quartz with the matching  Gua Sha scraper.

Jade Face Roller

The greenstone of the roller cools, regenerates the skin, and is said to help against wrinkles – a stone with an anti-ageing effect.

Rose Quartz Face Roller

The “softer” pink-coloured semi-precious stone rose quartz is particularly suitable for sensitive and sensitive skin. Rose quartz facial rollers build up a minimal electrical voltage through the pressure. These electrical impulses stimulate the tissue muscles, which increases the elasticity of the pores and skin.

Face Rollers: Effect Of Massage

The massage with the facial roller stimulates the lymph nodes and lymphatic system in the face. It enables the lymph flow so that evil tissue fluids are detached.

The lymph channels in the face run from the inside to the outside – the jade roller or the rose quartz roller is used to massage in the same direction.

This is what the Beauty Trend can do:

Detoxifies the skin

Transports pollutants away

Reduces underlays

Smoothes and firms the face

It has a cooling effect

Reduces bags under the eyes

Reduces dark circles and puffiness

It has an antispasmodic effect

Positive side effect: In addition to the calming effect on the skin, its elastin and collagen formation are stimulated, making it more elastic and plump.

Anti-ageing tip: The skin feels plump and rosy after treatment with the face roller. Puffy eyes and other swellings are visibly reduced.

You can cool the roller before the treatment to increase the decongestant effect. The excellent healing stone can also reduce inflammation and refine the pores.

If the stone is heated, this promotes blood circulation and the absorption of the active ingredients from serums.

Use Face Rollers Correctly

Skincare specialists swear by a particular procedure:

The face roller must be guided in gently gliding (not pulling!) movements from the jaw over the cheeks towards the ears to arouse the lymph flow. It would help if you exerted as little pressure as possible not to irritate the skin. It is the only way to stimulate the lymphatic system and correctly transport the pollutants.

How do I use a Face Roller? Step-by-step Instructions for the Massage

The massage lasts about five to ten minutes and can be performed daily. To optimize the effect, roll over each face area three times.

Using the beauty tool in combination with oil or serum supports the effect – the treatment is also possible on dry skin, but it is more pleasant and practical with facial care.


Thoroughly cleanse the face of makeup and dirt.

If you want: Apply serum or oil to the skin.

Roll up and down the décolleté with the roller to open up the lymph channels.

Roll the face roller over your face from the inside out. Turn the beauty tool around in hard-to-reach places and use the smaller roller for this:

– from the forehead to the ear

– on the upper eyelid to the ear

– under the eye to the ear

– from the mouth/nose area to the ear over the jaw

– Roll the neck from top to bottom; otherwise, there may be underlays

Clean the scooter under running water.

During the facial massage, light pressure is applied from the inside out. This promotes the removal of pollutants and waste products, has a decongestant effect and ensures a beautiful complexion.

Use the scooter in the morning and evening or just once a week, depending on how much time you can invest.

Tip: The rollers are ideal for working the active ingredients in sheet masks deep into the skin.

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