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Healthy Breakfast-What, Tips, Super Food

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What is a Healthy Breakfast?

Healthy Breakfast In the morning like an emperor, at noon like a king and in the evening like a beggar”, we have all probably heard this saying before. But is that also true? This statement sounds logical because our energy reserves are used up while sleeping. Therefore, we recharge our batteries with a balanced meal. A rich breakfast provides essential nutrients and ensures excellent performance and concentration.

The metabolism is most active between six and nine in the morning. It is therefore advisable to eat high-quality food during this time. Above all, proteins and carbohydrates should be consumed. A croissant with nut nougat cream is delicious, containing too much sugar and fat. After two hours at the latest, we are hungry again. It is better to have a breakfast that makes the blood sugar level rise more slowly and keeps you full longer. Bread and rolls made from wholemeal flour, oat flakes or natural yoghurt with fresh fruit are suitable for this.

Tips for a Healthy Breakfast

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Take your time in the morning and eat your breakfast in peace if possible. To save time, you could prepare breakfast in the evening to have more time to relax and eat. If you have a hectic breakfast that happens on the side, you often consume too many calories because you feel full later.

Bring variety to breakfast! Sometimes savoury, sometimes sweet – so many great breakfast dishes ensure a healthy start to the day. Seasonal fruit and vegetables also provide variety.

Watch out for sugar traps in breakfast: Muesli mixes, cereals, granola bars, yoghurt, breakfast drinks and pastries can contain plenty of sugar. Unsweetened products that you can sweeten yourself with honey or dried fruit are better.

Too much fat in breakfast makes you sluggish. So keep an eye out here too, and enjoy croissants, high-fat cheese, sausage and butter in moderation. And reach for low-fat alternatives like whole-grain rolls, grainy cream cheese, low-fat quark and mustard.

Breakfast can also be something special! Use the days when you have more time in the morning and pamper yourself and your loved ones with homemade rolls, a muesli mix and freshly squeezed juice.

Superfood for Breakfast

Superfoods are on everyone’s lips because they benefit our bodies more than other foods: They provide vast amounts of essential nutrients such as vitamins, proteins and fatty acids. In addition, they are considered to be energy donors and often antioxidants, i.e. cell-protecting. Recharge your batteries in the morning with these superfoods:

The Matcha Latte is a gentle stimulant and a delicious alternative to coffee: the green Matcha powder contains tea that makes you awake. However, its effects are slower and more sustainable than caffeine from coffee. The amino acid L-theanine in Matcha also ensures relaxation. So we started the day attentively and relaxed simultaneously with a Matcha Latte!

Avocados taste good at any time of the day and are an ideal ingredient for sandwiches or a dip in the morning. In addition, green fruit provides valuable vegetable fatty acids, B vitamins, and vitamins A and E, thus ensuring good nervous and brain performance.

Nuts and kernels contain a lot of protein and are a good source for vegetarians and low-carb fans. They also provide good fats and vitamin E. In the morning, they taste great in yoghurt dishes and muesli.

Turmeric combines many favourable properties. To name a few: In Ayurveda cuisine, for example, the yellow spice is considered anti-inflammatory and cleansing. Turmeric is also used for joint problems. In the morning, it goes best in a fruity smoothie.

Dates keep you full for a long time and promote concentration – perfect for an energetic start to the day! They contain many B vitamins that strengthen our nerves. The hormone tryptophan also makes you feel happy. Dates, sweet mueslis and yoghurt dishes. Also, try delicious energy balls with dates!

Benefits of a Healthy Breakfast

Your metabolism is boosted. At some point during the day, everyone will eat.

Your weight stabilizes.

You will eat healthier.

You can concentrate better and are more attentive.

Your mood is getting better.