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What are weight gain shakes and their recipes

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Does weight gain shake work?

A weight gain shake is an effective way to get all the nutrients your body needs. Weight gain shakes do work, but it is essential to ensure that you use them to supplement a balanced diet and exercise program, rather than relying solely on them to gain weight.

1. Banana and Oatmeal Shake or Smoothie, loaded with nutrients

Banana and Oatmeal Shake or Smoothie

Milkshakes, shake, and smoothies are a healthy and delicious way to fill our body with nutrients and vitamins, something essential to be brimming with energy throughout the day.

And the ingredients that we are going to use, oatmeal and banana, bring together one of the most exciting cereals (protein, fibre, gluten-free) with a star fruit (potassium, fibre, and flavour).


  • Half a cup of oat flakes.
  • A cup of whole milk.
  • A nonfat natural yoghurt.
  • Sugar or honey to taste.
  • Optional: a pinch of cinnamon powder.

  • 2. Banana and walnut smoothie to gain weight

    Banana shake, nuts, milk, and honey to gain weight

    Yes, we know that dried fruits such as walnuts contain many fats, but they are predominantly unsaturated fatty acids. They usually have positive effects on the body, so much so that their deficit in the diet is associated with a higher incidence of cardiovascular diseases.

    In addition, according to several studies, these foods (and bananas) have powerful antioxidant effects, which are necessary for the “dietary control” of chronic diseases.


    • One banana
    • 150 grams of walnuts.
    • One teaspoon of honey.
    • 250 ml of almond milk.

    To prepare all the ingredients, you will need to chop the banana into small slices and try to crush the nuts to make sure they distribute in the mixture. Then add the milk and place everything in the blender. Take out the content, serve it in your favourite glass, and put a little honey on top; you’ll love it!

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    3. Fruit Smoothie and Greek Yogurt for extra healthy calories

    Greek Yogurt and Strawberry or Raspberry Smoothie

    Although fruits have a high carbohydrate content (as you will see in the next section), the combination with Greek yoghurt could be beneficial to promote the caloric surplus you need.

    They are foods rich in healthy fats, and the other nutrients incorporated (vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants) could help prevent the onset of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.


    • Two oranges.
    • 100 grams of strawberries.
    • 100 g of Greek yoghurt.
    • 150 ml of almond milk.

    Cut the strawberries into minor pieces, squeeze the oranges and mix with the milk and yoghurt. Then, add everything to the blender, and if you want, you can add sweetener to taste. Enjoy your meal!

    4. Homemade Banana, Milk, and Peanut Butter Smoothie

    Banana, Milk, and Peanut Butter Smoothie

    Nuts (and their butter or creams) are super-calories

    Peanut or peanut butter is very rich, even though some commercial presentations may have an excess of sugar in their composition.

    As we discussed in other sections, nuts are a good source of unsaturated fatty acids, vital for good health. Prepare it with the following:


    • One whole banana.
    • 250 ml of milk.
    • 150 gr of peanut butter.
    • A handful of complete peanuts.

    Naturally, mix all the ingredients and grind the whole peanut for a crunchier mixture. As always, put everything in the blender and enjoy!

    5. Strawberry and Cream Smoothie, delicious calories to gain weight

    Milkshake with Strawberry Ice Cream

    If you like smoothies that are creamy and rich, we are sure that this will be your favourite option. It is perfect to start the day and, in addition, healthy.

    Both foods incorporate numerous nutrients for a healthy life. For example, there is evidence two that regular consumption of strawberries could increase blood levels of HDL, which, in simple terms, is “good cholesterol.”


    • 150 grams of strawberries.
    • 100 ml of cream.
    • 50 ml of almond milk or to taste.

    You have to mix the ingredients and add them to the blender. Depending on the consistency, you can regulate the amount of milk you prefer.

    6. Almond, Nutella, Milk, Peanut Butter, and Grated Coconut Smoothie, the most caloric!

    Smoothie of Almonds, Nutella, Milk, Peanut Butter, and Grated Coconut, the most caloric

    is the wealthiest smoothie yet, and you’ve probably figured out why. It has a lot of calories that could help you with your diet! Of course, this is an occasional smoothie for a snack that you can share with the whole family.

    Although it contains chocolate (a food with several health benefits), Nutella also comes from an industrial process that does not always have the best effects on the body, but taking it from time to time is fine!


    • 250 ml of milk.
    • A handful of almonds.
    • 25 grams of Nutella.
    • 50 gr of peanut butter.
    • A small cup of grated coconut.

    First, start by crushing the almonds and mixing them with the Nutella until you get a homogeneous and crunchy mixture. Then slowly add the milk and peanut butter (if it’s too hard, you can try a little more milk).

    Putting everything in the blender and getting an incredible smoothie, finish the presentation by placing the coconut on top of the cup.

    7. Chocolate or Cocoa Oatmeal Smoothie, high-calorie but a healthy version

    Oatmeal and Chocolate or Cocoa Smoothie, Delicious and ideal for breakfast

    Oatmeal and Chocolate or Cocoa Smoothie, Delicious and ideal for breakfast

    Are you bored of always taking the same breakfast? Well, that’s over! From now on, you will wake up every morning wanting to enjoy this oatmeal and chocolate milkshake. It is delicious, but it also provides a lot of essential nutrients for health.


    • Forty grams of oat flakes or instant oatmeal (about four tablespoons).
    • A glass of plain milk, vegetable drink, or even liquid yoghurt.
    • A large spoonful of chocolate cream or pieces of chocolate.
    • Honey, sugar, or some dates.
    • Optional: This smoothie goes excellent with a few banana pieces or a teaspoon of cinnamon.

    8. Apple and oatmeal smoothie in fattening version, healthy calories

    Apple and Oatmeal Shake or Smoothie

    We will illustrate to you how to prepare one of the most straightforward, most delicious, and fastest shakes or smoothies that exist.

    It is an apple smoothie with oatmeal that you can serve as part of a healthy diet and, in this case, to gain weight; since we are going to change the water of the original milk recipe, we add nuts and sweetener to taste.


    • A green apple.
    • A glass of whole milk
    • Three large tablespoons of oatmeal (about 60 grams). It can be oatmeal in flakes/flakes, natural, toasted, and powdered.
    • A quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon dust.
    • Sugar, honey, or dates to taste sweetness.
    • Optional +calories: half yoghurt
    • Optional +calories: pieces of nuts or other dried fruit that you like.
    • Refresh ice.

    9. Oatmeal smoothie and Greek yoghurt, hydrate and fat your body, legs, buttocks, etc.

    Oatmeal and Yogurt Smoothie with Peach

    You will know how calm it is to prepare an oatmeal and yoghurt smoothie with fruit (peach or peach in this case), which has a creamy texture and an incredible flavor. Plus, it provides plenty of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients.

    As many of you already know, Greek yogurt is yogurt with cream, which gives it extra fat and healthy creaminess.


    Three tablespoons of oat flakes.

    A ripe peach or another fruit to taste.

    Half a glass of milk.

    A natural Greek yogurt.

    Sugar or honey to taste.

    Likely: a few drops of lemon or orange juice.


    Protein shakes for weight gain contain a beneficial another for those who want to gain muscle mass or complete their daily caloric and nutritional needs. In addition, there are many types of weight gainer shakes that adapt to any diet and goal, and best of all, they have an extensive range of delicious flavors.

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