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Where’s the Closest Pharmacy in Kolkata?

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Where’s the Closest Pharmacy? – It is you through this post that might be wandering around in search of where you can get a Best nearest pharmacy in Kolkata. Am I right?

Most often such occupational titles as a pharmacist or chemist are referred to any professionals who work in a pharmacy or medical store. To better understand them, read the below-given explanation for each term:


A pharmacist is a healthcare expert who has completed schooling to obtain a bachelor’s degree or any form of higher educational qualification in pharmacy. These authority allows the pharmacy professionals to operate in the industry. By obtaining the permission they can enjoy the facility of selling the medication legally. In addition, these experts possess exceptional knowledge about all these medications both oral and injectable. The pharmacist will surely know this and what kind of medicine should be for which purposes. In this manner, they simplify the complicated world of medicine for people who only need a prescription.

It’s the responsibility of him or her to require a doctor’s adequate authorization before selling any prescription drugs to anybody. Those pharmacists who own their own stores, are usually to be found working in a medical environment, in the emergency department of a hospital or clinic. They can be found in various sizes working in research farms, drug producing factories, or other medical facilities. Going to a trusted pharmacist at your local 24 hours chemist shop or medical shop to buy medicines both prescription and over-the-counter, can comprise searching 24 hours chemists near me on the internet and connecting with one that suits your requirements. To them we turn all the time whenever it is possible and at any hour of the day, we can get our medicine at 24 hour shops.


This would be determined by the judgement of the situation, since there could be arising doubt about the exact meaning of the word ‘chemist’. A chemist, unlike any other scientist, concentrates on the study of chemistry. This field of science involves revealing such parameters as the elements, patterns, and structure of substances, and also the interrelation of different substances. Chemists can land different job opportunities that are offered across government sector, industries, academia, and R&D. They could get involved in career tracks that include forensic science, environmental science, materials science, drugs among many others. When we talk about the pharmacy field, the pharmacists work in the pharmaceutical industries to invent medications and healer.

There is also the fact that this word is perhaps the most prevalent term in the world and stretches beyond the USA just as it is for pharmacists. If you want a pharmacy or a drugstore that serves the customers in night as well,we suggest you search for 24 hours chemists or 24 hours medical shop near me on any online platform and connect with the option that you think is fit.

8 Top Closest Pharmacy in Kolkata

8 Top Closest Pharmacy in Kolkata

#1.      Medplus

One of the most notable features of MedPlus is that it is a reliable center which sees to our medicine and other general needs. Autentic and ive medicines part is what the company was focused on, and launching high-quality medicines in hyderabad was the mission. To achieve that, the company started in 2006. World Health Organisation’s research reports suggest that there is one adulterated medicines per 10 of its counterparts for every low/medium income country. It is India and hence, in an attempt to change this scenario, MedPlus comes into play.

The introduction of transparency in the conduct of the pharmaceutical industry is a step, MedPlus is taking all the way that since the first day; it is riveting in providing genuine drugs rather adulterated. At present, Medplus is present in 300 cities and more than 1500 door-step delivery through our offline stores in India. MedPlus is more market share in India now. Surf over to unparalleled and joyful shopping time!

Reasons for you to buy medicines from MedPlus:

  • Authentic medicines: Be sure you receive original medicaments by all means.
  • Monthly provisions: I walking distance shop for everything billa products, especially monthly goods like fresh food, etc.
  • Quick to-door deliveries: We set up convenient waiting times for your packages to be delivered so you can get well-packaged and quality products as fast as possible.
  • Pocket-friendly: Budgetism, can be attained any time of the day or night by making use of our discounts, offers and boffos.You are advised to pursue this option, which is the special saving plan  called Payback Special Sale.
  • Customer-friendly: Place order with us by browsing through our product catalogue, where we allow for an easy shopping and fast crediting.This Upload option let you to upload your Doctor Written Medicines List onto the site easily, without any worries and frustration!
  • Track and Re-Order: Conveniently refer to all your previous bills which you have ordered and from which you will re-order at once with one tap.

Address: 165, G B Dutta Road, Sodepur, Kolkata – 700110 (Near Kanchkal More)

Timings: Mon – Sun: Open 24 Hrs

Year of Establishment: 2012

Contact: 07947419704

#2.      Apollo Pharmacy

Apollo Pharmacy is more than just another online pharmacy store; it is the speedy and reliable platform where your medicine needs can be put to an end. On top of this, we have such a vast collection that involves personal care, baby care, health and nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle sections as well. Venture into the world of modern-day healthcare at Apollo Pharmacy where we have everything ranging from pharma to sun-screen all in stock.

Boasting more than 5,600 shops of the country, Apollo has indeed become the largest online clinic where you do not just treat patients in India but in Asia too. Our chain of drugstores has been functioning meticulously since 39 years and is a validated source of genuine quality health care products and services. By having a broad choice of products we have created such environment on the platform where you will find a large number of goods related to healthcare.

Reasons To Buy Medicine From Apollo Pharmacy

From that 38 years of offering you with the best quality medicines whenever you all-day-long, 24 hours pharmacies. Lastly, by providing Apollo Pharmacy service, we will help you take care of your health and life well being – by delivering your medicines conveniently to you. Yes…that is correct…you no more will have to step out of your place to get your medicines, you no more have to stand in long queues, and you no more have to worry about medicines’ originality…sweat!

  • Super-fast deliveries. Within some designated cities, for example, deliveries can be completed in a single day.
  • Except the largest drugstore chain in India which already has around 5,600 drugstore.
  • The store will be highlighting attractive discounts on medicines and FMCG goods such as soaps, beverages, etc…
  • Acquire Health Credits with every purchase (excluding the sales cleared items).
  • Medicines consultation is an option for patients to talk with the a pharmacologist to check the medicine interactions.
  • Health care items are varied; consumers can select their choice based on their healthcare needs.
  • Only the real and authentic products supplied are guaranteed for quality.

Address: P 194, Ground Floor, Scheme VII M, VIP Road, Ultadanga Main Road, Kolkata – 700067

Timings: Mon – Sun: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Contact: 07947106653

#3.      Dhanwantary Medicare & Research Centre Pvt Ltd

Dhanwantary Group, a group of drug store was founded nearly thirty years ago in 1984. By creating a mission to CARE FORMANKIND. It’s actually, Kolkata only followed by Delhi and Mumbai are the top three cities with a number of HIV-infected population. 1.Dynasty of Patanjali is the 2nd ranked well-known pharmacy chain & have satisfied more than 3 crore Customers of Kolkata.

Address: 65, Ranganathpur Colony, Panchanan Tola, Thakur Pukur, Kolkata, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata – 700023

Contact: 07947111065

Year of Establishment: 1982

Timings: Mon-Sun: Open 24 Hrs

#4.      BMRI Pharmacy

While there are many health lanes in the world, a BMRI pharmacy in Thakurpukur, Kolkata is undoubtedly the most accessible option incase of any illness. As they sell almost every type of medicine, they have now become an indispensable part of the society through which many of the people live directly. As an extra measure, they sell pills and products related to the skin and health.

You must get around BMRI Pharmacy of Thakurpukur, Kolkata if you need to buy medicines for the medicine kit or those prescribed by your doctor. They are bringing fame among Kolkata habitats because they are more than just delivering only sleepwear, face, and body care, in-store, and same day delivery. Therefore, doctors’ advice should always be considered while afterwards one goes to BMRI Pharmacy to check for the medicine availabilty.

Address: 8 A, Diamond Harbour Road, Thakurpukur, Kolkata – 700063 (Inside BMRI Hospital)

Contact: 07942692442

Timings: Mon-Sun: Open 24 Hrs

#5.      Life Care

Life Care, a pharmacy near Kalighat, Kolkata, stock medicines of every variety. Along with medicines, the store collaborates with Le re skin and health care products. They deliver all these also in Kolkata for a number of services like Best Medicine, Shop In Store, Delivery Services.

Address: Flat no. 1/2A, Ground Floor, Hazra Road, Kalighat, Kolkata – 700026

Foundation Year: 1991

Opening & Closing Hours: M(on)-Su(nday): Open 24 Hrs

Phone: :07947418946

#6.      Vishnupriya Drug Centre

Vishnupriya Drug Centre is the name we have chosen for the drug store that deals with the over-the counter medicines. It is advisable to visit Vishnupriya Drug Centre to look for the product you need such as deodorants, face wash, face cream, lip balm, soaps, etc.

Location: house.no: 104/C, A J C Bose main Road, Entally, Kolkata – 700014.

Timings: Open 24 Hrs

Year of Establishment: 2001

Contact: :07947107016

#7.      Ruby Pharmacy

Ruby Pharmacy Nestled in Santoshpur Kolkata. It is the nearby to the closest pharmacy to Kolkata It is rated by 4, 5 Stars. 0 Stars, based on Customer Reviews and Ratings

Address: EM Bypass, Santoshpur, Kolkata – 700075

Open by 24/7.

Has come in existence since 1996

Phone Number: 07942682046.


Al-Ameen Medical is a small Medical shop located in Kolkata. It provide wholesale and retail medicines and other medicinal products.

Address: 2a Ekbalpore Lane, Khidirpur, Kolkata – 700023 (Near Allama Girls School)

Timings: Mon – Sun: Open 24 Hrs

Year of Establishment: 2005

contact: 07942683594

Where’s the Closest Pharmacy in Kolkata are here to Address your Medical needs through the Clock

Where's the Closest Pharmacy

Where’s the Closest Pharmacy – Emergencies or situations do not always take place in broad daylight. Sometimes, it is during the midnight or wee hours of the morning when one might require medication. In recent times, many businesses have observed that people might have a need even at late night. This is why the concept of 24 hours chemists took birth. If we were to explain in simpler words, 24 hours chemists are like any other medical store with the key difference being its working hours. This type of chemist store or pharmacy or medical shop does not shut down throughout the day. It may have switched employees during the day and night, but the store remains open for service all hours of the day and all days of the week.

In urban cities, one can frequently find such a medical store. While the numbers of the same may be limited in suburban and rural areas, it is not impossible. Thus, you should be able to find 24 hours chemists in , Kolkata. These chemists will help you get your prescribed medicine. They also help you understand what it is meant for and how to take them as per the prescription. If you are looking for a reputable chemist store that stays open 24×7, all you need to do is search for top 24 hours chemists. You will then discover your Where’s the Closest Pharmacy and best options.

Conclusion on Where’s the Closest Pharmacy:

I hope you will find this post helpful as we tried to give you complete information about the Where’s the Closest Pharmacy in Kolkata?

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