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Burn Calories – 9 Exercises that Will Burn your Fat Quickly

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These are the nine exercises that will burn the most calories

1. Running with knees pulled up (240-350 calories for 30 minutes of training)

Burn Calories: With These 9 Exercises, You Will Burn Fat Quickly and Effectively For Your Summer Body. Running with your knees up to your hips is good cardiovascular exercise. It increases your heart rate while strengthening your lower body. As a high-intensity workout, this type of running is a top-notch fat burner. To do this, run in place, lifting your knees as high as possible. Also, move your arms in opposite directions. (Also: lose weight: effective jogging only takes half an hour! )

2. Running with your heels on your buttocks (240-350 calories for 30 minutes of training)

Like running with your knees up, running with your heels to your buttocks suits your cardiovascular system. As you run, alternate pulling your heels up to your buttocks as far as they will go. Don’t forget your arms, either.

3. The mountaineer (240 – 350 calories for 30 minutes of training)

This whole-body exercise will make your fat tumble. Start in the push-up position and alternately pull one knee towards your chest. The Mountain Climber is especially good for your abdominal muscles.

4. Swimming (200 – 300 calories for 30 minutes of training)

Swimming is a particularly gentle full-body exercise that effectively burns fat and, at the same time, builds muscles and improves blood circulation as well as lung and heart capacity. Half an hour of occasional swimming burns roughly the same calories as 30 minutes of jogging.

However, swimming is less tense on the body. Therefore, it can be suitable for joint problems or pre-stressed physical mobility.

5. Spinning (210-320 calories for 30 minutes of training)

Do you have an exercise bike at home? If so, you can do high-intensity cycling intervals like the Les Mills Sprint courses on it. A 30-minute workout should start with a five-minute warm-up. Alternate between the one-minute speed and two-minute recovery intervals. Out of 0 to 10, your speed intervals should be 7 to 9, and your retrieval intervals should be 5 to 6. (Read More: Does Bicycling Lead To Potency Problems? )

6. Sprints (240 – 350 calories for 30 minutes of training)

No time to jog? You can also haste up your workout with high-intensity sprints. It will help if you take it up before sprinting, such as in exercises 1 and 2.

7. Fast walking (3-5 calories per minute)

Even those who don’t exercise can do something with this training. Walking is the most excellent way to burn calories. It’s also ideal when recovering from an injury. In addition, you can burn calories while doing housework on the web in the office. So walk more often and walk quickly. This will help you burn more calories per minute.

8. Dancing (6-10 calories per minute)

Fat burn exercises aren’t limited to monotonous running workouts and high-intensity HIT training. If you enjoy dancing, you can burn enough calories here too. Dancing is also basically a cardiovascular exercise disguised as a recreational activity. It’s a great approach to get your heart rate up and burn calories while having fun.

9. Jumping Jacks (8-12 calories per minute)

Make yourself a jumping jack! Because jumping jacks are an excellent exercise for the entire body. Find a corner in your four walls and jump alternately with your legs apart and together. Alternately raise your arms above your head. An ideal exercise as warm-up training brings back childhood memories. (Also interesting: warm-up like a pro)

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