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Co-parenting quotes

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Co-parenting can be a rough road, full of ups and downs. Parents who were once together but are now apart have had to learn to work as a new kind of team. However, when they finally hit the sweet spot of healthy co-parenting, the benefits and rewards are worth it. These co-parenting dates capture the essence of the unique relationship that former couples who share children know all too well.

Co-Parenting: An Incredibly Important Job

Co-parenting. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it. That someone is you! You had a child with someone else, and just because the two of you couldn’t make things work out romantically doesn’t mean you can cut ties and jump ship. Until your offspring reach adulthood, you and your ex are in each other’s lives in some way, shape, or form. Getting over the initial sadness, hurt, anger and depression may take some time, but ultimately, you’ll want to be in a place with your ex where co-parenting is a no-brainer and, dare we say, almost fun. These inspirational quotes summarize the many types of co-parenting relationships people find themselves in.

Funny quotes about co-parenting

Co-parenting can be a crazy and emotional experience, and sometimes all you can do is laugh about it.

We messed things up, but then we cleaned it all up. That might be our most prominent display of teamwork yet!

Raising kids is exhausting, but on the tough days when they stay with you, I can at least say, “Tag! You are!”

We did many things wrong, but in children, at least one thing is right!

Thank you for continuing to put up with me long after you legally don’t have to.

Co-parenting is a wild ride in a car with no brakes or seat belts that always seem to be on fire.

During these teenage years, I am most grateful that I can say, “Go see your father.”

Thanks for always being the bad guy, so I don’t have to be!

When our children grow up, we can say that we raise survivors!

There are no awards in parenting, but if there were, we would get the “Teamwork” award or at least recognition for participation.

I’m asking that you help raise our children and maybe split the inevitable therapy bill that will come our way!

We flopped at romance but got an A+ in friendship and co-parenting.

I want to give up sometimes, but I remember the weekend is coming up, and you have the kids! So I’m ready to live again!

Sharing children isn’t easy; sharing the fights, the drama, and the discipline? Happy to share all that with you!

Co-Parenting Quotes From A Birth Mom To Her Stepmoms

She shares the joys, the tears, and the heartbreak that she is raising the children. Let a good stepmom know that she is a great partner and friend to her.

I never thought I wanted to share the title of mom, but with you, I gladly share my crown.

Children are lucky to have a biological mother and an extra mother.

Thanks for sharing parenting duties, especially the fights, drama, and craziness of raising teenagers.

It takes a particular person to want to take on the role of stepmother willingly. You are one of a kind.

It takes more than one strong woman to raise these wild children. Thanks for standing up.

There is no “bio” or “step” in Team Mom.

She looks like me and loves like you. Together we are raising a wonderful human being.

For a long time, divorce was a cloud in our lives. Then, you came and became a ray of sunshine for all of us, and we are eternally grateful to you.

Co-parenting quotes from a biological father to a stepfather

Together, you and your children’s stepfather are raising solid children. Let him see that you are grateful for him.

I gave him life, but you have helped provide him with love. So for thanks, I appreciate you.

Our son will raise to be a wonderful man because two incredible men are raising him.

Our daughter has two arms so that we can both carry her down the aisle.

Together we show the world that more love is better.

With the two of them in the kids’ lives, they get double the love, double the guidance, and double the bad-dad jokes.

I am grateful that you love children as if they were your own. In their eyes, we are the same, and in my eyes, I am lucky.

The world would be well if it were full of amazing parents like us.

The bride and father at the wedding reception

Co-Parenting Quotes For Strained Relationships

Your relationship has been full of ups and downs, but finally, you are in a space of peace. These quotes describe the incredible journey they took together.

There were times when we never thought we could agree, so I’m proud of how we’ve landed in a place of positive co-parenting.

Co-parenting has been a roller coaster ride, but neither of us got off the ride, thank goodness!

My heart broke when we parted ways, but a new space in my heart just for you as we grew as parents.

Our association looks different, but our goals for children have always been the same.

We stopped working together a million times. But, thank God we’re both too stubborn to give anything up!

It took a long time to land on the destiny of co-parenting. But I’m so glad I weathered the storms and came out into the open.

I had to learn to love you differently because I could never hate a person like my children.

In co-parenting, some days are complex, but every day is worth trying.

Our co-parenting relationship is a beautiful mess, but it’s our mess.

We had to hit rock deepest before we could climb into the amazing co-parenting place we find ourselves today.


Co-Parenting Sentimental Quotes

The marriage didn’t work out, but still, you love, appreciate and honour the parents of your children.

Our family tree is full of branches moving in different directions, but we are connected when it comes to the roots.

Dividing us broke our hearts in two, but our hearts healed stronger, and we can never break again.

The romance is gone, but our bond with our children and each other will remain the same for eternity.

Our love has changed, but it never left, and I see that in our children.

Of all the gifts I have received in life, you have given me our children the greatest gift of all.

We thought our relationship was dead, but this beautiful co-parenting partnership rose from the ashes.

“At the end of the day, you have to be a little selfless. You have to say, ‘This is not about us.'” Nick Cannon

We show the world that there is so much beauty in the broken.

We’re still together through thick and thin, and that’s certainly something.

Our family looks and functions differently than most, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am so glad that you continue to be such a big part of my and the children’s lives.

Our children are fortunate to have us as parents, and I am lucky to walk with them through parenthood.

Co-parenting means that I am alone but never alone. Thanks for your support.

“Our children are our universe, and we look forward to living the rest of our lives with them as our priority.” – Drew Barrymore


A strong co-parenting relationship reduces a child’s stress and provides her with comfort and security. Co-parenting also helps each parent balance the responsibility of parenthood by having another person to rely on and make decisions. So it reduces your stress, too.

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