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Collector’s Gallery Catalog deals with fashions like jewellery, watches, home decor, kitchenware, beauty, wellness & health, and accessories.

Collector’s Gallery is one of the great classics of distance selling in Spain. The company that belongs to the International Book Club Group has more than 40 years of history. Always been very present and active on the different television channels, where they have always promoted their products, television advertisements being their main means of communication with their customers throughout their history.

Today the Collector’s Gallery has expanded its means of communication and sales. One of them is eCommerce, which we are going to analyze today.

Design and Web Structure of the Collector’s Gallery

Galería Del Coleccionista Catalogo

The structure and design of the website is very simple and intuitive. The page is headed by a large search engine that is very good for older buyers, and that we can guess is the target of the page. Another clue is given by the absence of social networks on the entire website, both to follow the company and to share our future purchases on our wall.

Its menu bar is also very simple, divided into nine categories (watches, jewellery, health and rest, cooking, jewellery, fashion, decoration, collecting and outlet), which are repeated below with a brief description and a large photo. size. If we access each category we can see the same functionality that was used on the main page with large photos of the product and a brief description of each product.

Once we select the specific product, this time we will access an extensive description of it, and photos and fill out the order information questionnaire.

Catalogue and Price of the Collector’s Gallery

Catalogue and Price of the Collector's Gallery

The good thing about the page is that it does not have a very extensive catalogue in which to get lost. It has very defined products for a type of consumer with a very specific taste. The maximum number of products per category is 20 and all of them are consistent with each other, even those that belong to different categories.

What is a problem is knowing the price of each product, since in many cases to find out and buy it we will have to fill out a questionnaire in which we will have to leave our information, such as name, telephone number and email, or call a telephone number provided by the company. In both cases, we will have to contact a salesperson with whom we will negotiate our future purchase.

Shipping, Costs and Returns Policy

We can buy the products with any Visa card, Paypal or by bank transfer, in this case, the shipping of the purchased product will be free.

If our purchase is made with cash on delivery, the cost will be 5.90 euros.

The company assures us that in 72 hours we will have our purchase at home. If it is not in stock, the purchase could take longer but never exceed 30 days from the date of purchase confirmation.

Its return policy explains that to return within 15 days of purchasing the product. Of course, they are free.

In short, Collector’s Gallery Catalog has very well defined what its customer target is and works on it very well within the page.

How to use the Collector’s Gallery Discount Codes?

Collector’s Gallery discount codes and use them to save, You can follow the simple steps below.

Step 1

Visit the PromoCodie website Look for the Active Collector’s Gallery discount code that best suits what you are looking for. Click ‘View Coupon’ or ‘View Offer’.

Step 2

Copy the code of your choice (If you click on an offer, you don’t need to copy it). Go to the Galeria del Coleccionista website and place the items you want in the cart.

Step 3

Go to the checkout and purchase page and look for a box called “Discount Code” “Coupon Code” or “Promotional Code.” Simply enter your discount code in the box and click apply or submit to enjoy your discount.

Why Buy Online?

Why Buy Galería Del Coleccionista Catalogo Online?

To buy this product online many people search for it on Google and Amazon with the word Collector’s Gallery you will be able to see the current price and buy it directly from your mobile phone, your computer or your tablet. And the best of all is that before buying you can see the current price and you can compare it with that of other stores near you, or with that of other online stores. We have looked for the products that have sold the most this month with the best quality price that is right now on the internet. If you like a product from Galeria del Collector you can buy it in the store of your choice, with home delivery and in a few days you will have it at home.

To buy Collector’s Gallery you have to select the product, which you want and can make your purchase online. Thus, We have selected the cheapest products, with the best discounts and the best quality that exists. With our Amazon affiliates and industry-leading stores, you will always buy with confidence. The products are the most recommended by users who have already made their purchase before you, and they are the best-rated.

With Home Delivery

If you buy by comparison on Tiendas.com, many of the selected items have free home delivery. Take advantage of buying the Collector’s Gallery at the best price! And it is home delivery. For thousands of products, you only have to wait for 24/48 hours.

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