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Facial Skin – Make It Brighter, Smoother And Younger

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Facial Skin

Facial Skin: After winter, the skin of the face after winter is much drier, it has more spots, an irregular texture, and its tone is much duller. With spring’s arrival, we have realized all the damage that winter has caused to the skin of our face, and we want to remedy it, especially to prepare it to look great in summer.

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Just as we have already soaked up the trends in haircuts this spring, now it’s time to delve into the best aesthetic treatments to recover that luminosity of the face that we miss so much. Especially this year, we also need to reduce the effects of the pandemic on the front.

Maxillofacial surgeons and experts in facial aesthetic medicine have already discovered the definitive treatment with which to rejuvenate the face ( the carbon peel flash treatment ). Now she is the one who gives us the guidelines on what the aesthetic treatments are with which to recover the luminosity (among other things) of the skin of the face this spring.

“After winter, it is normal for facial skin to show small imperfections that can improve before summer arrives. In this sense, I recommend three treatments that help revitalize the skin and achieve a more homogeneous and luminous complexion,” he explains. Dr. Gema Pérez Sevilla. Find out which aesthetic treatments are best for your skin and show off your beautiful and luminous face this spring.

The Facialist, A Treatment That Stimulates Microcirculation

This medically based protocol includes three steps (facial cleansing, facial drainage and myofascial massage) that achieve deep cleansing of the skin, improve the quality of both the skin and the muscles and fasciae, and release fluid retention. And toxins that can cause inflammation.

Cosmetic, appliance and manual cleaning include 12 steps to achieve healthy and radiant skin. While both facial lymphatic drainage and myofascial facial therapy massage improve microcirculation and fluid retention, reducing inflammation. In addition, they have an anti-stress and relaxing effect. “It is a recommended treatment to carry out during the changes of season, and it has a price of 150 euros”, explains the doctor.

Through facial mesotherapy, this treatment increases the firmness and health of the skin, providing it with the nutrients and hydration it wants to look brighter and with fewer imperfections.

These are microinjections of beneficial substances such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, coenzyme Q10, amino acids, peptides, DMAE or organic silicon. “It is a restorative and preventive treatment that allows us to lead a normal life since microinjections are applied with excellent needles that do not leave marks, and with topical anesthesia to minimize discomfort,”

“It has immediate effects, and if combined with a healthy lifestyle (balanced and varied diet, rest, exercise). And daily facial care, it lasts over time,” adds the specialist. Facial revitalization moisturizes, regenerates, and tones activate the dermis’s blood microcirculation, counteracts the effect of free radicals, and promotes collagen and elastin formation. The price of this treatment is around 250 euros.

More about Stimulates Microcirculation

“It is an optimal treatment for any type of skin that needs non-invasive renewal and stimulation of its metabolism,” the doctor anticipates. The secret ingredient that revitalizes the skin is activated charcoal of plant origin. DEKA’s Synchro QS4 platform and the most innovative Q-switched dermatological laser.

“This combination of a mineral component used as a mask and a state-of-the-art laser achieves a smoother, more luminous and uniform skin by reducing the size of the pores. It also manages to rejuvenate by blurring the most OK wrinkles “, explains doctor Gema Perez Sevilla.

It is a simple, painless and swift treatment without side effects and whose results see immediately. However, they last over time. And thanks to stimulating the fibroblast in-depth, which will synthesize collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The price of this type of treatment is around 350 euros.

The Treatments That Will Triumph In 2021

Following a little, the trends and demand that have been up to now highlight. These four procedures as the ones that will be performed the most in Spain this year.

Fewer wrinkles, more smoothness and luminosity: Botox and other fillers. “There was a time when getting Botox injections was considered taboo and not talked about openly. Times have changed, and these procedures are flattering more common. Also, the younger generation, such as millennials, have started to pay more attention to their appearance. Partly due to the culture of social networks”, reflects López Marín. Thus, the infiltrations of Botox, hyaluronic acid and vitamins that eliminate wrinkles. And improve the quality of the skin occupy a place of honour from which they cannot lower.

For a younger look and juicy skin: biostimulation with growth factors. This non-surgical procedure uses the patient’s blood to create the cocktail that will inject into their skin. This promotes collagen production and gives the patient a more youthful appearance, summarizes the expert.

More about Will Triumph In 2021

Micro-needling requires firmer skin, fewer fine lines, and an overall better-looking face. This is an aesthetic process that can help with different skin conditions. A device is used that punctures the skin and creates small micro-injuries on the face during the process. This causes the body to add to its production of elastin and collagen to heal these minor injuries. At the same time, it firms and smoothes the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes.

Against dark spots and dull tone: photorejuvenation. Also known as facial phototherapy or intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, it is a procedure that helps achieve blemish-free skin. It also reduces any signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines. These light technologies treat sun damage, brown spots, broken capillaries and other problems related to skin texture. Due to their quick recovery time, these aesthetic treatments have become one of the most popular aesthetic medicine trends.

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