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History of Physical Training and Fitness

History of physical training and fitness

The history of physical training and fitness dates back to Ancient Greece. Hippocrates was the one who first explained what weight training was all about when he wrote, “he who uses this develops, and he who does not use it is wasting his time.


To try to understand Physical Activity oriented to health, we must situate ourselves like the human species; it is there that we must identify its biological development and its primary cultural attitude. They are followed at the beginning as a biologically fit man, regardless of the influences of the environment and socio-cultural dimensions, responsible for future differentiation. According to man


Physical Preparation requires physical effort, unlike intellectual Preparation.

Physical Preparation define as “the part of sports training that seeks to develop the functional potential (understood as the “a priori” work capacity of an organism) of the athlete and their physical qualities.”

Why is Physical Preparation necessary?

Types of Physical Preparation.

Currently, there are two types of physical Preparation;

 General Physical Preparation.

This type of Preparation seeks a series of objectives;

Multilateral development of all physical qualities and the development of each subtype of each marker.

Achieve good physical work capacity.

In general physical Preparation, use available exercise (not practised in the sports speciality), other sports, and, as far as possible, global exercises involving many muscles, organs, systems, etc., to strengthen the weak parts of the athlete. (for example, non-dominant extremities

More specifically, we can define the purposes of the work of general physical Preparation as follows;

Compensation and recovery factor (by practising another sport, you “disconnect” psychologically. For example, Luis Fernández’s Athletic de Bilbao went skiing for Christmas. They complete this type of work when there is no competition.

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