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Pink Eyeshadow: Trend Makeup on the Catwalk Step by Step

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Pink Eyeshadow

Pink Eyeshadow: Although the ambience is not on our side, we know that this spring makeup will focus on the eyes and the most daring techniques will also be the most desired. And, among all, the eye makeup with pink shadow will be what we will all want to try. Make-up artist Cristina Lobato explains how to do it step by step.

Zara already warned that the most viral makeup of 2022 will be for eyes and in the colour block, and we nuance that with pink shadow. From Valentino and its Pink PP, a colour that will be recognized by the Pantone Color Institute, to Danna Paola’s front row with her magenta pink eyeshadow at the Fendi show: they all wear the colour pink in the eyes because it is the most desired of the season. And it is that the eyes have known how to be the protagonists for a few months with techniques such as floating eyeliner or white eyeliner to enlarge the look.

Whatever you are, there is pink eyeshadow makeup for you; there are many ways to wear pink in the eyes; it is a matter of personality, confidence, and, above all, choosing the most suitable shade for you, explains the makeup artist Cristina Lobato.

How To Make Up With Pink Eyeshadow

Cristina Lobato gives us the keys to making your eye makeup with pink shadow. Check out the step-by-step!

  1. Apply the shadow with a firm bristle flat brush from the mobile eyelid and blend towards the upper lid.
  2. To define the look, make up the waterline of the upper eyelid with a black pencil to fill in between the lashes and give a little depth to the face.
  3. A good dose of mascara. Curl your lashes first, then apply a lengthening and defining mascara.
  4. Choose a medium coverage base to even out skin tone. Apply very subtly to the central area of ​​the face, from the nose to the cheekbones. To add colour, replace the sun powder with a pink blush.
  5. Fuchsia pink eyeshadows are flattering for those with warm hair and skin tones. In addition, they look perfect on people with light eyes, especially blue ones.
  6. If your eyes are dark, like brown or black, with dark brown hair, Cristina recommends applying fuchsia pink on the mobile eyelid but with a more peachy light point in the central part to soften it.
  7. To combine the pink shadow with black eyeliner, draw an excellent line at the level of the lashes. If you are looking for thicker eyeliner, go for a coffee-brown tone. In this case, draw a more delicate line and then blur it.
  8. “In no case do I recommend making up the waterline? If you do, go for a nude or cream colour to make the eye clean, beautiful and brighter,” Lobato points out.

Best High Cosmetics Eye Shadows

1. Dior

Since they have improved the formula, their eye shadows are not evil.

They are more velvety, but it also depends on our chosen colour since some palettes have slight pigmentation. Although I have to say that I love the palette that always comes with the shadow in the middle is to leave sparkles like glitter. It’s called 5 Creamy Long Lasting Couleurs Couture. It is their most emblematic palette on the market.

The palette’s shadows can be matte, satin, iridescent, metallic, or shimmer. Each of its harmonies corresponds to a symbolic Dior garment, and I find this fascinating: Denim, Black, Bow, Rouge, Trafalgar or Mitzah.

Another of my favourite eyeshadow palettes from the firm is Dior Backstage Eye Palette. It is ultra-pigmented with multi-texture; that is, it can be: a base, an eyeshadow, an illuminator and an eyeliner.

If I have to summarize them, quality-price,  they lack a bit more so that they are more acquisitive.

2. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)

They are excellent since they released the new Yves Saint Laurent eyeshadows that you can use both wet and dry. Although, they have a silky texture and do not fall off; they are the Sequin Crush Mono Os Yves Saint Laurent eyeshadows.

They had been arrogant for years that they were the groundbreaking signature of colour par excellence, and the truth is that they are at their peak—a pretty good result.

The Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette Eyeshadow Palette is one of my favourites; each season, in addition to the basic ones, we find new collection palettes with five harmonious shades for an exquisite look. These cases seem beautiful to me, but the ones I like the most and those that are pure weaknesses are Couture Color Clutch Eyeshadow Palette 03   (warmer tones) and Couture Color Clutch Eyeshadow Palette 04 (cooler tones).

3. Mac

What am I leaving to tell you about Mac? One of the professional firms with the best eye shadows on the market. Does it stick? Some specific ones do not pigment very well, but in general, in addition to the fact that we can find almost all kinds of colours, the pigment is fixed very well without falling off.

We can make our palettes or buy them loose, which I like the most. However, I love their mini eyeshadow palettes. And I have quite a few of them because they are nine small shades that get you out of a jam. My favourite Eye Shadow X9 Semi-Sweet Times Nine.

I have also sinned with these two palettes that I could not stand. From the Art Library, I have both. The Nude Model Palette comprises 12 neutral and versatile shades in brown tones, and the It’s Designer Palettehash has ten vibrant and versatile shades since two of them, the pink and the red at the top, can be used as blushes. There was also one with more pink tones, but it doesn’t exist now if they don’t edit it again.

4. Bobbi Brown

They are one of the best eyeshadows (along with Mac), if not the best because their quality is spectacular; I would say that they surpass Mac’s. And It does not have as much variety of colours since they are usually more natural in shades of brown, beige, and some strong ones, but few. In terms of everything, I think these are my favourite eyeshadows. Does it hit her?

Their collection palettes are spectacular, around €60, but the quality is excellent.

Bobbi Brow’s loose eyeshadows are around €25-30. And my favourite shades are: Taupe, Antique rose, Blonde, Bone, Ivory and Rich Brown; with these six shades, you can create the perfect eyeshadow palette.