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Strength training: Basics for healthy and practical muscle building

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Strength training: Basics for healthy and practical muscle-building

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strength training not only makes you strong but can also promote health. Learn the basics for fit and effective muscle building.

Strength training: the basics

Not every strength sportsperson is automatically a weightlifter. Strength training isn’t unavoidably about more muscle mass. You can lose mass through regular workouts in the weight room and even prevent back pain.

You don’t unavoidably have to lift hefts in the dark “dumbbell corner” as a strength athlete. However, there is a vast selection of gear – in the gym or for your exercise at home – and muscle building exercise is likely even without equipment.

With strength endurance training, you increase your general fitness.

hypertrophy training, you build muscle mass.

lstrength training, you will gain strength.

Each of these three main areas has its own “rules” in weight, repetitions, speed and breaks.

What happens in Strength Training?

Your Body adapts accordingly: Your musculoskeletal system, i.e. bones, ligaments and tendons, the dominant nervous system, the cardiovascular scheme and the metabolism change so that your muscles can endure the stimuli and (continue) work as effectively as possible.


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If your focus is on strength endurance training, you activate your muscles, increase blood circulation and prepare the muscles for different loads.


Hypertrophy training significantly improves intramuscular coordination. It means that additional muscle fibers are active in a muscle at the same time – with the result that the power cross-section increases, so your muscles improve in size.

With all-out training, you, in turn, endorse inter muscular coordination – the cooperation between the strengths runs more smoothly, and you increase your all-out strength ability.

1. Strength Endurance Training

Goal: You train your cardiovascular scheme, prepare your Body for better loads, your musculoskeletal system and your metabolism adapt.

Intensity: You train at around 50 per cent of your all-out strength.

Repetitions: 15 to 20 reverberations of 3 to 6 sets

Break among exercises: approximately. 30 to 60 seconds

Tempo: The odd phase – your muscles stretch way – and the concentric phase – your muscles contract – are the same length (approx. 2 seconds).

2. Hypertrophy Training

Goal: Congeal your muscle fibers and your power cross-section upsurges. You gain power.

Intensity: You train at 60 to 80 per cent of your all-out strength.

Repetitions: 6 to 12 recurrences of 3 to 6 sets

Break between exercises: approx. 60 to 120 seconds

Tempo: The concentric drive phase is short (1 to 2 seconds), the eccentric movement phase is long (3 to 4 seconds).

3. Maximum  training for Body

Train the central nervous system, rally as many muscle fibers as possible, and cooperate among the muscles. As a result, you increase their all-out strength ability.

Intensity: You train at 85 to 95 per cent of your extreme strength.

Repetitions: 1 to 3 recurrences of 3 to 5 sets

Break between exercises: rest approx. 2 to 5 minutes

Tempo: The concentric drive phase is short (1 to 2 seconds), the odd movement phase is long (3 to 4 seconds).

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