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How to Work with Children at Home without Misery- Telecommuting

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Telecommuting: Although some companies have resumed work in person after months of Telecommuting. Many continue to offer this modality to their employees. Working from home is a great help for parents to take care of their children. Either because they must keep preventive quarantine or not attend school.

But it is also essential to know how to approach this work routine. So as not to get frustrated by children’s constant interruptions and demands (especially when they are young). Therefore, if you discover yourself in this state of affairs right now. We want to give you some tips to help you telework with children at home without despairing.

Explain to your Close Environment what “Telecommuting” Is

Suppose you have never teleworked before and have learned about this modality due to the health crisis we are experiencing. In that case, it may still be strange for you not to leave home to go to work or even tackle your work obligations without distractions.

It may even be that a good part of these “distractions” come from your closest environment. That seeing you at home and not understanding exactly what “Telecommuting: Although some companies have resumed work in person after months of teleworking, many continue to offer this modality to their employees.” means, they constantly complain to you, call you on the phone or even visit you.


If you suffer this type of interruption, it recommends that you talk to them and explain your situation in detail, making them understand the importance of not interrupting you. At the same time, you work unless it is strictly necessary.

In addition, if we want to be productive and make the most of our time, we must be very aware of the importance of concentrating as much as possible on our work, avoiding as much as possible other things that we would not do if we were not Telecommuting in an office.

Whenever you can, Be Flexible in your Tasks.

But although talking to the children and explaining the situation to them can help in cases where they are somewhat older, the same does not happen if they are small, since they do not understand that mom or dad is physically at home but cannot lend them all the attention.

Although the situation can be frustrating, remember not to “pay” your stress with them and try to manage these interruptions in a patient and respectful way. It also helps a lot to acquaint with adapting to the circumstances. Whenever possible (for example, if your job does not require a specific schedule or immediate availability), postpone most of the workload or those tasks that require particular concentration for those times of the day when children are more relaxed and require less attention.

Organize Fun Tasks to Entertain Children

If you don’t want your children to end up turning to screens and television as the only entertainment while you work, try organizing a list of tasks and activities every night so that they can put them into practice the next day.

From continuing with their schoolwork to proposing to make a dollhouse using a cardboard box, making a zoo with plasticine animals, inventing a comic or suggesting any fun manual activity that will ensure hours of entertainment.

You can also ask them for help with specific household tasks (for example, making the shopping list, matching and folding socks, organizing the pantry by sorting food) to get involved in household activities, and some tasks also serve as learning.

Working like Mom and Dad

Young children are great imitators of mom and dad. So you can work on the symbolic play by asking them to work as you do. Place a small bench and chair next to yours, and offer them coloured pencils, notebooks, stories… or any other activity that require concentration and silence.

If they are very young, the time of tranquillity that this solution will provide you will be relatively short. Still, if you combine this activity with others that we propose. You will manage to chain long periods for your better organization.

Suppose you must combine teleworking with caring for a young baby. In that case, an excellent solution to keep him calm and entertained by your side is to offer sensory toys that capture his attention for a long time, such as building blocks, inserts, cubes or blankets for activities, and a basket of treasures.

Carrying also becomes an excellent ally for babies who demand arms and attention. And it is that carrying while you work will allow you to have your baby. Well attached while your hands are free to do other tasks. In addition, if you use a garment with which the baby can access the breast comfortably and efficiently, wearing it will also facilitate the moment of breastfeeding without your activity being especially interrupted.

‘Coworking’ with Other Mothers/Fathers in the Same Situation

Although in this current and extraordinary situation that we are experiencing. It advisable to hold social gatherings (which are ruled out in the case of having to in preventive quarantine). In other circumstances, the idea of ​​doing ‘ coworking ‘ with other parents who also telework can very practical.

This solution will allow you to meet in a house and take turns taking care of the children. So that while some work entirely concentrated. Others will be in charge of the little ones. If we talk about older children. It is possible that they do not even need the continuous attention of adults. And they entertain themselves by playing together. At the same time, their parents work, something that perhaps they would not do if they were alone at home.