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DIY Spa At Home

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DIY Spa At Home

DIY Spa at Home – Home spa from head to toe: tips for a wellness oasis at home

The following ideas serve as inspiration for your wellness day at home. Of course, you don’t have to follow them step by step; you can do every beauty treatment precisely as it is good for you. After all, only one thing applies on this day: Relaxation!

Step 1: a Lively bubble bath

Your wellness day couldn’t start better than with a wonderfully foaming, fragrant bath. To do this, let pleasantly warm, not too hot water run into the bathtub, which you can do with a scented bubble wash or a bubbling bath bomb enriching.

Bubble baths are particularly easy to dose and foam the water wonderfully soft. Even a tiny amount is usually enough for a full bath so that you can relax in the wonderfully fragrant bath water. A bath bomb (or Bath ball) tends to bubble and make the water magically colourful. Often they contain essential oils or other additives, such as dried flowers. These strengthen the care and wellness effect of your bathroom.

If you prefer quieter and want to donate valuable minerals to your skin, you can also use a bubble bath as an alternative sea salt bath or a Milk bath enjoy. They are especially fairy-tale-like and delicately scented bath salts with real flowers. You can easily slide the bath additive you choose into the flowing bathwater. Let yourself buy rich minerals, nourishing oils, and the soft foam experience, and enjoy the relaxing effect of your wellness bath.

Step 2: Face Mask for Deep Pore Care

While you relax in the bathtub, you can do something good for your facial skin. A face mask you leave on for 20 to 30 minutes is ideal. We recommend face masks that only contain a few natural ingredients so that the sensitive skin of your face is not stressed.

For example, how about a Clay mask? You can easily mix this with water and apply it to your face, neck, and décolleté. After about 30 minutes, the show is dry, and you can rinse it. Clay is mainly transparent and has a pore-deep cleansing effect on the skin. You must finish your face with moisturizing cream creams.

Alternatively, you can use a sheet cover that you enrich with a facial serum or an active ingredient concentrate. You can find out more about this in our article on mix & Match – skincare according to skin type.

Step 3: Wash and Groom your Hair

The hair should not be missing with a pampering treatment for the whole body! Therefore, you wash them with a nourishing shampoo that gives your hair valuable nutrients and does not dry it in the next step. It would help if you had Shampoo without silicone and parables so that no film forms on the hair and the ingredients can penetrate deep into the hair roots.

For example, one is recommended. Solid shampoo that does not contain any preservatives or artificial additives. It has the advantage that it is not wrapped in plastic and provides your hair with rich nutrients. Massage it gently on your scalp and enjoy the relaxing effect. Then rinse the shampoo thoroughly with water that is not too hot.

Step 4: Pamper your Skin with a Body Scrub

After the face and hair, you can now rid your body of small flakes and skin impurities. Choose a natural body peeling for this – essential: without microplastics! Body scrubs that contain sea salt or coffee grounds and thus provide the necessary peeling effect are particularly cleansing and nourishing. Apricot kernel or almond shells are also suitable substitutes for synthetic pellets.

If you have vibrant and at the same time nourishing peeling If you want to use, it is best to choose one that contains, for example, shear or cocoa butter as well as valuable oils such as almond or coconut. This has the advantage that your skin doesn’t dry out, and you don’t necessarily have to apply additional cream after the peeling.

For example, coffee peeling or fruity sea salt with Shea butter, Tea Tree Oil, almond oil, Camphor Oil and natural glycerine is recommended. You can do this with sensitive skin. Velvety soft body peeling with biological loaf particles and sea salt. Or do you particularly like the captivating scent of wild roses? Then this lovely Rose body scrub is just the thing!

Step 5: Wellness for the Feet with a Foot Peeling

Your feet deserve special attention on such a day – after all, they carry you for miles through life. To pamper them a little and remove excess calli, you can use a foot scrub, which you massage gently. You will quickly notice that the gentle pressure on your feet and toes soles is exceptionally relaxing.

For a particularly refreshing note, it’s best to use one Foot peeling with a pleasant mint and melon scent. Or do you prefer it fruity and fresh? Then is afoot peeling with a touch of grapefruit is the right choice. Again, make sure that you use peeling without microplastics. The environment and your skin will thank you!

A tip: after the bath, you can also apply the cream to your feet and give them a bonus massage.

For example, with the pretty Feet foot cream or that Foot and nail balm Pretty Feet Grapefruit from Bath Fairy.

Step 6: Wash thoroughly with a Nourishing shower Gel

Before leaving the bathtub, remove all scrub and mask residues from your body. What could be better than a nourishing shower gel that smells wonderfully of your favourite scent? It is best to choose a shower gel without silicone and parabens to avoid a film on the skin. These ingredients make the skin pleasantly soft for a short time, but they are not absorbed and have no caring effect.

Instead, choose one shower gel or mousse with natural glycerine and other high-quality ingredients, such as almond oil. They give your skin enough moisture to protect it from drying out when you wash it. As a result, you cleanse your skin thoroughly and pamper it with essential nutrients that deeply nourish it. In addition, it gives you a soft feeling and improves the suppleness and elasticity of your skin instead of drying it out.

Step 7: Additional tips for your Home Spa

At the end of your wellness day, you can pamper your lips and hands with a lip peeling, and one Lip balm, little, rough flakes of skin removed so that your lips feel wonderfully soft afterwards. In addition, valuable Shea butter and rich almond oil penetrate deep into the skin of the lips after peeling, making them supple and elastic. So, you get a wonderfully tender kissable mouth!

You can also give your hands a little attention and care. How about a fresh manicure, for example? Then you can quickly absorb them with a hand cream massage and pamper them with moisture.

If you like, you can also do some yoga at home on your wellness day or cook your favourite meal after a long bath. In this way, you give your mind a little break and bring it into balance with your body.