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Tea Tree Oil and its application

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Tea Tree Oil and its application

The tea tree that grows in Australia belongs to the myrtle family. There are many species of this plant. However, only one of them is suitable for making antiseptic oil.

This tree is also known as Melaleuca Alterna-Foleys. The product extracted from its leaves in fungal and bacterial diseases of the skin and mucous membranes.

Tea tree oil, which allows strengthening the immune system, helps with several diseases. Its composition has more than forty-eight valuable substances, including a unique viridoflorsi.

This component does not have other plants whose oils have a bactericidal effect, including eucalyptus and rosemary. In addition, the natural healing product contains terpene and terpineol, limonene and cineol, pinene and sabine, cymene and other valuable ingredients.

Tea tree oil, which allows suppressing the activity of staphylococci and gonococci, streptococci, pneumococci, E. coli and fungi, has a significant advantage in the absence of side effects such as dryness, itching and peeling of the skin.

This natural product is non-toxic and has a specific astringent camphor odor with wood notes. In texture, Healing Tree Oil is fleeting, light, and fluid. It can be colorless or have a slight yellow tinge.

Tea Tree Oil- Medicinal Properties

It is a powerful antiseptic, is eight times more effective than carbolic acid, and if you compare its effects with phenol – at twelve.

The natural product also finds its worthy use as an antiviral, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal agent.

Malleus Alterni-Foleys Essential OilIt is for various diseases caused by the common cold and sinusitis and cough, flu, bronchitis, and angina as  for massage and inhalation. With colds, the product acts on the mucous membranes. In connection with this, it is in aromatic lamps.

Tea tree oil, which reduces fever, is for conditions that cause fever. Active-active elements of the healing product neutralize toxins from the stings of blood-sucking insects and help fight against skin diseases, including herpes, eczema, and chickenpox. In addition, the oil obtained from the leaves of the tea tree contributes significantly to strengthening the body’s defences.

Tea Tree – Cosmetologists and Dermatologists

Cosmetologists and dermatologists recognize a unique natural product on the world level for antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. These properties of the oil have a wide range of uses.

The product successfully fights chronic and inflammatory processes on the skin. Its use has an excellent effect on acne pustular rashes and helps to eliminate dermatitis of viral, parasitic and bacterial origin. In addition, it eliminates inflamed infiltrates and eczema on the skin.

Excellent medicinal properties of components, which are part of the oil, help eliminate swelling, itching, redness, and irritation. It restores the skin’s natural colour and texture.

Tea tree oil for hair used. To maintain the effect, into the shampoo or conditioner. Clean hair strengthens healthier, which removes dandruff.

From various medicinal plants essential oils.  For example, to prevent excessive sweating, tea tree oil is used to blend sage and rosemary.

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