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Types of Hair Extensions to be Concerned about

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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions: Are you determined to use Hair Extensions but don’t know which system is the best for you? Are you wondering what differences there are between the different types of hair extensions?

Extensions are locks or curtains of hair that are added to your hair and that serve, fundamentally, to add volume and length to your hair. And also, You can get the same results with all the extensions; the only thing differentiating them is the placement system. According to fix them, we can divide them into two types:  temporary extensions and set extensions.

Which of the Hair Extensions are the Best

All techniques are good if they carry out and if a prior assessment allows for choosing the most appropriate system. For fine hair, adhesive and keratin extension are recommended. For thick hair, the best method is the micro ring. The wings with the knot technique indicate broader and additional robust African-type hair; otherwise, it can break into fine European-type hair.

We recommend the clip system if we want an at ease system for all hair types without any probability of damage. This technique is innocuous since it is not permanent; it places promptly using clips.

What are the Advantages of the Temporary or Clip Technique

However, They are easier and faster to place; clip-in extensions are ideal for ornamental hairstyles on special occasions. If you want more quantity, length or density, they allow you to add that something else instantly. The only disadvantage is that you cannot sleep with them; you must remove them before bed.

Can Extensions Cause Loss, Breakage or Fracture of Natural Hair

The extensions are respectful with the hair, and in no case do they damage the scalp as long as an adequate placement carry out with each of the techniques. The only obsession that could damage the hair is misusing the placement technique. For example, if they place with keratin or micro ring extensions by selecting a minimal amount of hair. In these cases, they might weaken the root of the chosen strand. At EXTENSIONmania, we always recommend that the extensions place by a qualified professional who is used to doing such work.

In case of inconvenience, it can cause due to the selection of inappropriate sections of hair, larger or smaller. In case of fall and breakage, it would be due to bad practice in the placement.

Firstly, At EXTENSIONmania, we conduct a preliminary analysis according to the type of hair and the number of extensions required. Mostly, The key is good advice from highly qualified personnel, avoiding errors in choosing the kind of extension and choosing the appropriate placement system.

What are the Advantages of Fixed Technique Extensions

However, TheTechnique extensions can be placed in various systems and should always be done by specialized salons by an extension professional. The central extension systems are adhesive, nano ring and micro ring.

Remember that the number of extensions you will need depends on your hair type (fine or thick) and how much hair you have (a lot or a little). For example, a man with thin hair and a tiny amount will need fewer extensions than a mane with a lot of hair and thick hair. For this reason, you must let yourself advise by the EXTENSIONmania team of stylists. They will give you the best advice so that the result is entirely natural.

Below you have a summary of the types of systems and their approximate prices in a standard mane:

3d Adhesive Extensions

✓The most comfortable and premium


hair ✓They are placed with adhesive using gentle pressure

✓Available in 35, 45 and 55 cm. long

✓For the minimum volume of 20 units. if they are 35 cm. from €210 and 45 cms. from €280

✓For a minimum length of 40 teams. 45 cm. from €5,600 and 55 cms. from €800

Nano Ring Preppy

extensions ✓Extra flat

junction point ✓Fine hair

✓More innovative and comfortable system than keratin

✓They place using a nanoring

✓Available in 45 and 55 cms. long

✓For the minimum volume of 80 units. 45 cm. from €396

✓For a minimum length of 120 units. 45 cm. from €594 and 55 cms. from €714


Urban Micro Ring Woven Extensions ✓Machine

Firstly, sewn strip of hair ✓Thick hair


are placed using a micro ring

✓Available in 50 and 60 cm. long

✓From €208

It is essential to perform maintenance every 6-8 weeks in EXTENSIONmania salons since the hair grows, and the additional room must reposition near the root. These extensions are permanent and long-lasting, so you can sleep, go to the beach and exercise. The maintenance price varies depending on the type of extensions you have and the chosen technique. For example, in adhesive extensions, the amount is €2.60 for each unit. In Nano ring extensions, the maintenance price is €1.50 per unit, and in Urban woven extensions, And also, the fee is €51 for each set. You can see the rest of the detailed rates and services at this link.

Would you Recommend the Use Of Extensions

We recommend the use of extensions. Even those women who haven’t used an extensions service before and finally get the hang of it  amaze at how easy and comfortable it is to wear extensions. It is a satisfaction that they congratulate us on seeing how the hairstyle has resized. In most cases, what we carry out in EXTENSIONmania salons are satisfactory experiences that promote self-esteem, security, and perception of one’s image.

Why do we Like Extensions so Much at Extensionmania

With unaffectedness as the basis of our work, extension lengthens the hair. Extensions are a perfect balance to add dimension and body, achieving natural results. They are also ideal for adding volume and creating colour effects with lighter highlights, lighting the hair without using the chemical crop on the hair itself on the scalp.