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Hair Mask With Essential Oils

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Hair Mask With Essential Oils

Essential oils are obtained from plants by pressing, extraction, and distillation. Because they are a volatile mixture of liquid fragrances widely used in cosmetics, food production and medicine. And about three hundred essential oils are of industrial importance in hair masks with essential oils. The essential oils can be obtained from a total of several thousand plants.

Essential Oils For Hair Treatment

For both preventive and therapeutic purposes, use essential oils. So the hair mask is selected after identifying the problem of the hair. And the effectiveness of using oils in medicine and cosmetology has long been known. Because their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are well studied.

The treatment method using essential oils for hair masks, shampoo, or rinse aid depends on the desired result. Different types of them have other effects on the scalp and curls.

Mask Oil For Hair Can:

strengthen hair;

promote their growth;

eliminate dandruff;

Make your hair fluffy and shiny.

Most essential oils work in a complex way and can solve various problems. For example, the same extract can prevent hair loss, Stimulate their growth and fight dandruff simultaneously. Essential oils for masks for hair in multicomponent mixtures are very effective. Some recipes use 2-3 or more butter names.

Hair Mask For Essential Oils

Rosemary, burdock, lavender, oil eucalyptus, and pine strengthen the roots. Burdock is beneficial after dyeing and curling to restore the structure of the hair and moisturize the scalp. The geranium, bergamot, and cedar oils give the hair a beautiful shine.

Increasing growth will help essential extracts for ylang-ylang, cinnamon, lemon balm and cloves, and peach oil. Hair to get an immediate positive and lasting effect mask may apply regularly. Carnation reduces fat, tones roots and fights dandruff. Spruce extract nourishes hair and relieves scalp itching. To normalize sebum production and rid dandruff of lemon balm essential oil. Ylang-Ylang reduces hair fragility.

Fragrant mint oil and tea tree oil slow hair growth. Unwanted body vegetation in the form of creams and lotions They use tough measures to combat. Use such tools after depilation shaving.

Essential Oils In Cosmetics

Hair care intends shampoos, balms, masks and conditioners. Essential oils are part of these products. Peach oil for a hair mask

The base vegetable oil for hair masks is added. Before use, the mixture of heat in a water bath essential and vegetable oils. The cover is better absorbed this way; after rubbing the hair, wrap in plastic wrap and wrap it with a towel.

The mask is prepared as follows for oily hair: add a few drops of lavender, cypress or cedar in a base of jojoba oil (15 ml). Suitable for normal hair as a based coconut, olive, castor, almond, camphor oil and sunflower oil. For the mask, take 15ml of the base and mix with three drops of patchouli oil, ylang-ylang, chamomile, lavender or geranium, rose or rosemary (for dark hair).

To strengthen dry hair, mix 50ml olive or sesame oil as a base and about 10-12 drops of jasmine, almond or lavender.

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