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Cosmetic technology, It is a branch of science that aims to improve the appearance or odour of the human body. The technique consists typically of mixtures of chemical compounds, some of which come from natural sources and many synthetic ones.

Cosmetics TechnologyThe cosmetic technology master’s program is two years long and offers various career prospects upon completion. Although, Admission to this cosmetic technology program is determined by an entrance examination administered by the respective institute. After that, students have several options, such as continuing research studies.

Beauty Products

Beauty ProductsCosmetics designed for skin care can be used to cleanse, exfoliate, and protect the skin, as well as replenish it, using cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers, eye creams, and balms. Cosmetics designed for more general personal care, such as shampoo, soap, and shower gel, can be used to cleanse the body.

Cosmetic products designed to enhance appearance (makeup) can hide blemishes, enhance natural features (such as eyebrows and eyelashes), add colour to a person’s face, and in the case of more extreme makeup schemes, be used for performances. , fashion. Shows and costumed people – can be used to completely change the appearance of the face to appear as a different person, creature, or object. Appearance change techniques include contouring, which aims to shape an area of the face. It can also be designed to perfume the body.

Cosmetics Technology Write for Us – Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics IndustryCosmetics manufacturing is dominated by a small number of multinational corporations born in the early 20th century, but the distribution and sale of cosmetics are distributed among a wide range of companies. L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Shiseido, and Estée Lauder are the world’s largest cosmetics companies. In 2005, the market capacity of the cosmetics industry in the United States, Europe, and Japan was approximately 70 billion euros per year. In Germany, the cosmetics industry generated €12.6 billion in retail sales in 2008, making the German cosmetics industry the third largest in the world, after Japan and the United States. German cosmetics exports reached €5.8 billion in 2008, while imports amounted to €3 billion.

The global cosmetics and fragrance industry currently creates an estimated annual income of US$170 billion. Europe is the leading market, accounting for approximately 63 billion euros, while sales in France reached 6.5 billion euros in 2006, according to FIPAR (Federation of Perfumery Industries). France is another country in which the cosmetics industry plays a vital role, both nationally and internationally. According to 2008 data, France’s cosmetics industry has been growing steadily for 40 consecutive years. In 2006 this industrial sector reached a record level of 6.5 billion euros. Famous cosmetic brands produced in France include Vichy, Yves Saint Laurent, Yves Rocher, and many more.

Top 5 Trends in Cosmetic Innovation

The Top 5 cosmetic innovation trends, along with the startups.

1. Waterless Cosmetics

Waterless, anhydrous beauty refers to cosmetic products formulated without water. Instead, various butter, oils, waxes, and oil-soluble active ingredients are used. These ingredients are generally more concentrated (than their water-based counterparts) because they contain more active ingredients and fewer dilution levels. (Fountain)

Thus, Waterless cosmetics is an emergent trend as companies focus on reducing their water footprint and the data below represents expected growth from 2021 to 2031.

2. Skincare with CBD

With the growing interest in herbal cosmetics comes extensive research into natural ingredients that can provide a larger scale of benefits with fewer (if any) side effects. CBD Skincare has been in the spotlight for a long time. However, with governments in several countries easing restrictions on cannabis use (for example, Canada, the US, and Thailand), it seems to be gaining popularity, and more startups are emerging.

Product launches and rapidly evolving science in this area expect, to make it one of the most sought-after beauty trends in 2022.

3. Microbiome Skin Care

Microbiome Cosmetics (prebiotics, postbiotics, and probiotics) have been on the market for a long time. In recent years, the idea of hyper-personalized skin care using microbiome analysis has caught on.

Google searches for “microbiome” have increased since 2016; as of 2020, searches are up 600-700% more than in the last decade.

Although, The Demand for skin care products improved with components that make skin healthy internally will drive the microbiome skincare market.

4. Fermented Beauty Products

The expression “fermentation” originates from the Latin word “fervere,” which means “to boil,” as bubbles may have been observed when the alcohol was fermented to produce carbon dioxide. Biological fermentation is the transformation that certain organic materials undergo through the action of enzymes secreted by microorganisms. In other words, the microorganism enzymes, bacteria, or yeasts- induce the decomposition of basic materials or ingredients to transform them into components that can be much more powerful. Although, According to a Mintel report, 28% of all skincare products launched in 2018 and 2019 contained fermented ingredients, so you may already be using them without knowing it.

Fermentation has long been practised for processing a wide variety of foods. And the process is essentially the same for fermented cosmetics. Fermentation acts as an enhancer of active ingredients and allows for a higher concentration of nutrients and antioxidants. Thus, the reason fermented products are beneficial in anti-ageing therapies, optimizing the penetration of active ingredients into the skin.

5. Makeup in Metaverse – AR/VR Beauty

These days, we hear about people buying real estate in the Metaverse, too many augmented reality-based games being released, and even events like conferences and weddings happening in augmented reality. Although, It Isn’t this an excellent opportunity for cosmetic giants to provide a bridal makeover service for the Metaverse?

What if it got real? (Or virtually real maybe)

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