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Gel Nails are a unique type of nails which consume a high level of UV radiation to make the special gel set perfectly on an individual’s nails. It lasts longer than other polishes. Gel Nails are nothing but polished nail extensions. They come in various colours. Although, Gel nails are made up of molecules called oligomers which are the consistency of honey and come in a pot. It is created when the semi-hard gels are cured, sculpted, and shaped to give strength and length to the nails.

Gel nails are of two types one is a soft gel, and the other is a hard gel. Soft gels are classic gel polish and are porous by which the pins can be saturated with acetone. On the other hand, hard gels are non-porous and resistant to acetone. These soft and hard gels are robust, last longer, and can be filed to make different shapes like ballerinas, coffins, stilettos, etc. These are lighter and considerably less damage risk while removing.

Know, How Gel Nails Are Applied?

  1. Know, How Gel Nails Are Applied?The nail technician will first clean the nails and then file them, push back cuticles, trim those cuticles and again files it. Before application, the pins should be clean and dry.
  2. Then the technician will apply a bonder for durability and place paper to obtain the length and shape. They build a gel on top to attain the preferred shape and length.
  3. These nails are cured with every layer of gel.
  4. After it is set completely, it is filed in different shapes.
  5. These gel nails can be left as it is or painted with polishing colours.
  6. At last, finish it with a previous coat to give it a glossy shine that lasts long for weeks.

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Why Write for Womens Day Blog – Gel Nails Write For Us

Why Write for Womens Day Blog – Gel Nails Write For Us

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Guidelines of the Article – Gel Nails Write For Us

Guidelines of the Article – Gel Nails Write For Us

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