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Top Baddie Acrylic Nails You Can’t-Miss

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Baddie Acrylic Nails – What will make you look like a real “baddie”? Of course, baddie acrylic nails! Before you think that the term “baddie” is referred to anything harmful. Let me tell you that it means something unique. Take a look below.

Baddie Acrylic Nails

The villain is a beautiful girl. She is usually skinny, fat, and has all the curves in all the right places. Although, She is also a bit sassy, which makes her that much more attractive. She slays whether she’s wearing a tight dress or sweatpants.

Now let’s go back to this post. This post will give you inspiration for the top 20 baddie acrylic nails you will love for yourself. If you love the list of designs, then make sure to save this post to return to it because it will be updated weekly. Shall we?

If you enjoy looking for inspiration in nail designs, check out these top 20 short nail designs for summer or these top 40 bright pedicure ideas for a fresh summer look.

I hope you enjoy seeing some of these Instagram baddie nails that may inspire you to re-create for your family or friends.

Instagram Baddie Acrylic Nails

Instagram Baddie Acrylic Nails

Baddie nails for the glow

Neon Nails for that Baddie in you

Baddie and Butterflies?

Pink is Neutral

Focus on Red

Insta baddie nails

Looking for Summer vibes

Glitter all the way

Blue is the Ig baddie nails

Trending baddie nails for 2020

Claws anyone?

Baddie, but keeping it simple

Adding light to my nails

Is Cheetah the Baddie?

Simply Yellow

Instagram acrylic baddie nails with a touch of pink

Pastels for summer

Pretty and Bad?

Being wrong is being real

The glamour is in the bad

What are the Benefits of Baddie Acrylic Nails?

What are the Benefits of Baddie Acrylic Nails?

The use of acrylic nail extensions has many benefits, such as:

  • Nail Extension: this is the main thing since long nails can be obtained thanks to the procedure.
  • Strengthening weak nails: Modeling clay on natural nails and tips helps strengthen nails that suffer from delamination, so nail extensions help strengthen natural nails.
  • Removal: This is a positive point for those who wish to remove acrylic nail extensions since this type of extension is easily removed, unlike other nail extension techniques.
  • Durability – Unlike false nails, which are temporary, acrylic nails are known for their durability due to the acrylic blend that bonds the natural nail and extensions together.

What are the Disadvantages of Baddie Acrylic Nails?

  • Needs constant maintenance;
  • May stain natural nails;
  • It is recommended to take a break from use;
  • It can weaken nature if it is not removed correctly.

How to Remove Baddie Acrylic Nails?

How to Remove Baddie Acrylic Nails?

If after a while you decide to remove your nails, the main advice is not to try to do it yourself. Since they are stuck to your natural nails, it is ideal that they are removed by a professional with the proper technique and tools.

Otherwise, you risk weakening and damaging your real nails.

In an emergency, soak your nails in acetone for 20 minutes or leave them wrapped in a cotton swab with the same substance at the same time.

Then use a cuticle pusher to remove the softened acrylic. Bonus Tip: Remember to protect your cuticles and fingertips with Vaseline, and if you feel discomfort, itchiness, or irritation, stop and rinse immediately.

Can Baddie Acrylic Nails Damage Natural Nails?

Can Baddie Acrylic Nails Damage Natural Nails?

Yes, using this type of nail can cause some damage to natural nails. Is it so:

brittle, weak, and dry nails, irregularities due to trauma, and, in more serious cases, fungal and bacterial infections, allergies, and irritations due to the use of products necessary for their application. What precautions should be taken?

One of the primary care is monitoring your natural nails’ condition. If they become painful, if the skin around them becomes red or peeling, or if your nails start to wiggle, you should remove them and see a dermatologist.


Are you looking for new ideas for your nails? We have some of the best Baddie Acrylic Nails to copy. You can recreate these looks very quickly if you have an excellent manicurist. If you are not already familiar with the term, Baddie means unique, and of course, we can use it in our manicures.

I hope this compilation of Baddie Acrylic Nails inspires you to recreate yourself or your clients. We have all the designs but remember that terrible nails are usually very long, so if you don’t have a problem/error with long nails, keep creating!

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