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CrossFit is a method of high-intensity interval training. It is strength and conditioning training that is made up of functional movements achieved at a high-intensity level.

These movements are activities that you perform in your everyday life, such as squatting, pulling, pushing, etc. Many workouts feature variations of squats, pushups, and deadlifts that last for predetermined periods to help build muscle. This differs from a traditional exercise that can tell you how many reps to do over a while.

Is CrossFit better than the gym?

CrossFit exercise programs will allow you to build strength faster than traditional workouts. This is due to the general intensity of the program. Over a few weeks, you will find that you also have higher levels of strength and that your body variates and becomes more toned.

Most classes are 60 minutes lengthy and will follow a flow like this:

  • Introductions and Warm-up
  • The trainer explains and demonstrates the training as well as the scaling options.
  • Strength or skill work
  • The Metcon (training)
  • cooling/recovery

The key to CrossFit workouts is to scale the abilities of all athletes. Affiliated CrossFit gyms use trained and certified trainers who must know how to assist athletes in scaling movements as appropriately needed.

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