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Green Dye over Red Dye

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A green dye is undoubtedly the best colour to cancel out red hair.

Because it’s the opposite of red, green neutralises it. Green is also a cooling shade, so applying it on top of red tones will either tone down or eliminate their warmth.

How to use green toner to dull red tones in brown hair

To neutralise unwanted red tones in your brown hair, you’ll need to apply the green toner to your damp hair and leave it on for five to ten minutes.

You must respect the exposure times because your hair can become completely green if you leave the toner on longer than necessary. Here I will tell you how to use it correctly on your hair to perfect it.

There are many brands and varieties of green toner, so I’ll tell you about two of the most popular brands: Pravana Chromasilk toner and Color Stage green toner.

Some red tones appear after bleaching the hair on many occasions, which is not exactly what you want. These reddish tones also tend to occur in some hair dyed brown after the successful application of many dyes.

Eliminate those unwanted red tones; there are green toners.

In some ways, a toner is quite similar to a dye. For example, its consistency is creamy, and peroxide uses to penetrate the pigment into the hair fibre.

But, they differ in two essential things.


The first is the exposure time.

While with a dye, you have to wait between twenty to thirty minutes for it to act on the hair; you only have to wait between five to ten minutes with a toner.

And control almost minute by minute how the product acts on the hair because if you don’t, your hair can end up completely green, which will be something much more horrible than having unwanted red tones in your hair.

The second is shades.

And the second thing that differentiates them is that while dyes have a wide range of tones, toner is complete in a few colours, such as purple, blue and green.

These are the shades to neutralise a contrasting colour.

Have you heard of the colour wheel?

You can quickly visualise the opposite colours on that colour wheel; for example, blue cancels out orange, violet cancels out yellow, and green cancels out red.

If you apply green toner to unwanted red strands in your brown hair, they’ll magically disappear. But it will not be magic but a basic rule of colourimetry.

Opposite colours neutralise each other.

Therefore, so that your hair does not end up the Color of hope, which can be very beautiful, but when we contemplate a beautiful landscape of green trees, keep reading, because I will tell you:

How to apply green toner correctly to eliminate red tones

What are the best green toner brands

If you hate those reddish tones in your brown hair, you are one step away from ending them. So, green toner in hand, and let’s start the battle against red tones!


Every recipe begins with the ingredients, so the first thing you should do is get all the materials.

  • green toner
  • 20 volume peroxide
  • Gloves

Once you have everything, we can now proceed with the step by step to tone the red tones of your hair.


I recommend that you always apply toner to your damp hair. Carefully untangle your hair and wash it without using shampoo or cream rinse.

Then remove the excess water with a towel, and comb it again so that there are no knots.


In a plastic container, never metal, you must mix the tube of green toner and the 20-volume peroxide bottle, stirring very well until you obtain a mixture of homogeneous consistency.


To avoid staining your skin and damp hair, apply the mixture with the gloves on. You can help yourself with a tint brush if it’s easier for you.

Once you finish applying the toner to the entire surface of the hair, the essential phase begins: controlling the exposure time.

You will notice that it immediately begins to change Color, so when the red Color has disappeared, rinse your hair immediately.

The exposure time should never be more than 10 minutes, so you mustn’t get distracted by anything.

While toner is a handy tool, the results can be disastrous if you overdo the exposure time.

First, because your hair will be completely green, you will have to remove the toner with several discolourations, seriously damaging your hair.


Once your red Color is neutral, you should rinse your hair, and you can use shampoo and cream rinse as usual.

This way, you will remove the rest of the green toner left on your scalp. When the water runs clear, wrap hair in a towel to remove excess water.

When you finish, you will notice that your hair no longer has traces of red.

Now that you know how to use green toner to remove unwanted red tones correctly, I’ll tell you about the two brands I recommend to my clients.


As I told you at the beginning, two quite popular toners are:


This toner is excellent for damaged hair as it contains silk extracts and is long-lasting. In addition, its soft texture will make its application very easy.


This toner is ideal for beginners. If this is your first time applying toner, I recommend using it. In addition, it is 100% vegan and does not contain sulfates, so it will not cause extra damage to your hair fibre.


Green toner is a handy tool to remove unwanted red tones in brown hair. But you mustn’t exceed the exposure times, which should never exceed ten minutes, to prevent your hair from turning green.

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