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Mustard Hair Mask for Healthy Hair

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Mass media, well-known movies, and fashion magazines set a reasonably high bar in female beauty. In addition to radiantly clean skin, each representative of the weaker sex must necessarily have thick, healthy, shiny hair. Unfortunately, despite the promises of cosmetic companies to quickly and effectively restore even the most neglected curlers, not all women and girls can boast a lush and thick head of hair. However, despair ahead of time is not necessary – traditional medicine offers its beauty recipes. One of them is a beautiful mustard powder hair mask. Hair mask with mustard powder

Mustard mask – benefit or harm?

A hair mask with mustard powder causes the most controversial review among women. Negative reviews of this tool are that there is an intense itch after the mustard begins to burn. However, those who master themselves and decide on the second, third and subsequent procedures radically change their minds.

Here’s the thing – a hair mask with mustard powder, like any cosmetic product, is addictive. When the first application is, a woman can hardly resist for 10-20 minutes. Then, subsequent procedures will no longer cause unpleasant sensations with a mask on your head.

It is heard by 90% of women. They say that the hair growth mask with mustard powder strengthens roots, hair strands grow much faster, and curls acquire a healthy shine and natural strength. In addition, there is total relaxation and active care – the hair mask with mustard powder accelerates metabolic processes, and blood circulation in the skin stabilizes the work of the sebaceous glands.

Mask for Hair Growth.

The use of Mustard Masks

You can use numerous cooking mustard masks to activate the hair growth head. The most common recipe – is mustard (1 litre of powder), egg, a little kefir and butter burdock. But in cosmetology, initiative and ingenuity are only welcome, depending on your preferences and the scalp type; you can and even need to experiment. For example, yoghurt replaced with sour cream or mayonnaise, oil solutions of vitamins, essential oils, pulp, berry juices, and vegetable purees will not be excessive.

Experienced users recommend applying a mask only to dirty hair (do not dry the scalp). An oil mask (coconut, castor, linseed oil) can be used as an additional protective measure, rubbing it into the soil and full-length hair cores.

A mask of mustard powder is applied only on hair roots. After complete application to the head on polyethene or rubber cap (or a simple wrap), the hair is rolled up in a warm towel. As mentioned above, in the first application, the mask is kept for 15-20 minutes, and then the ageing time increases to 45-50 minutes. Finally, it is necessary to wash off the mass with ordinary shampoo, better rinse with herbal decoctions.

For the most “tireless” girls can, another option is to rinse the mask with water, slightly dry the hair with a towel, and then apply a scalp of aloe juice, apple pulp and egg yolk to the scalp. Finally, rinse this mixture with shampoo in half an hour. At the same time, it is not recommended to use air conditioners.

The mask is suitable for use every 3-4 days. After a month, the course should be interrupted for 2 or 3 weeks.

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