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Top 7 Ideas for Promoting your Female-led Gym on Women’s Day

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Female-led Gym – Women’s Day is the perfect time for you to promote your gym. This is particularly true if you have a large number of female trainers and clients. A female-led gym has a lot to inspire other women when it comes to wellness and fitness. Of course, the antiquated idea of going to the gym to lose weight and look thin is rightfully out of vogue. So, you need to show people how you’re empowering women and helping them achieve their goals. There are a number of ways you can promote your gym on Women’s Day, without being stereotypical about it.

Create Custom Yoga Posters

As yoga is uplifting for the body and mind, you can promote it as a way to elevate feminine power by creating a custom yoga poster. Highlight the benefits of yoga, with emphasis on how it improves physical and mental health in women.

Once you do that, share what yoga classes you offer, along with the relevant contact details. Share this poster across your digital mediums and also print it out to put up in your gym. Ask businesses in your area to let you put up your poster there to get more exposure.

Utilize your Social Media Pages

Run an organized Female-led Gym Women’s Day marketing campaign across all your social media platforms. You should do this a few months in advance and have a few social media posts ready. You can use templates from tools like PosterMyWall to make this process easier and stick to a cohesive design theme.

To really run successful social media campaigns, do your demographic research and figure out what sort of posts work best on which platforms. These days, most social media platforms are focusing on short-form videos, so shoot a few inspiring Women’s Day videos with appearances from your female trainers and customers.

Run special Women’s Day Deals

Plan a couple of deals and discounts to announce around Women’s Day. These can include special classes, group registration discounts, promo codes, or whatever works best for your gym.

Promote these deals on your social media pages and make posters and flyers as well. This will help generate interest in your gym, and get more potential visitors and regular members.

Host a Fitness Event on Women’s Day

A mixture of online and in-person promotion methods works quite well for businesses like gyms. So, apart from marketing your gym and sharing empowering posts, you should also host a Women’s Day fitness event. Invite people online and also make sure your regular female members know about it. Have them bring guests, and have a few demonstrations and a free class or so prepared.

Encourage women to visit and explore your gym with this event, and also have some healthy refreshments prepared. You can even turn this into a charity event for a women-centric cause like breast cancer, and collect donations for a trusted organization. This event will serve well in showcasing your commitment to empowering women, and will also get your name out.

Start an Online Challenge

Social media challenges are one trend which has not died down over the years. Every few months, a new challenge goes viral, and many of these are related to fitness. Start your own fitness challenge, with the female-centric theme in mind. For example, have women challenge each other online to do a few reps of a certain exercise or do a difficult pose like a headstand.

Share this challenge online, with a focus on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, and have your members and trainers share it and nominate other people as well. Maybe your challenge will become the next global phenomenon.

Highlight your Female Trainers

Women’s Day is the perfect opportunity to highlight your female trainers. Get the ones who are willing to share inspiring stories about themselves. Also talk about how these women have contributed to your gym, and how they empower other women.

This will not only show your employees you value them, but will also let you highlight female empowerment online. You can also showcase what classes these trainers offer, and positive reviews from their existing clients.

Showcase your Business using Digital Signage

Digital signage is a really fun way to get your name out on the streets. Create women’s day graphics using the templates on PosterMyWall, and then share them as digital signage. This will help you reach out to your audience across numerous platforms with just a glimpse.

Your digital signage content must be snappy, and attractive, and convey the point in just a glance. So, focus on the design, and make sure you create something that is cohesive and looks polished. This will create a good impression of your gym, and encourage more registrations.

To sum up, there are a number of ways you can market your female-led gym on Women’s Day. This goes beyond just splashing the colour pink everywhere, so do follow the given advice for the best results.