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Write For Us Fitness – Fitness is a quantitative representation of an individual’s reproductive success. Although, It is also equal to the average contribution to the next generation’s gene pool made by the same individuals of the specified genotype or phenotype. Fitness can be defined as the genotype or the phenotype in a given environment. The fitness of a genotype is manifested through its phenotype; it is also influenced by the developmental environment. The fitness of a given phenotype may also be different in different breeding environments.

Fitness is a Passion

Fitness is often defined as a propensity/ probability rather than the actual number of offspring. For instance, according to Maynard Smith, “Fitness is not a property of an individual, but of a class of individuals, such as those homozygous for the A allele at a particular locus. Therefore, the phrase “expected number of offspring” means the average number, not the number produced by a single person. If the first human baby with the gene for levitation was struck by lightning in a stroller, this would not show that the new genotype has low fitness, just that the particular child was unlucky.”

Alternatively, “the fitness of an individual, having a variety of phenotypes x, is the probability s(x) that an individual will be included in the selected group as parents of the next generation.”


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