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Parenting Write For Us – The term Parenting refers to a process in which a child is nourished from birth to adulthood independence. Modifying ourselves according to the child’s needs as they start growing and fulfilling all parenting responsibilities is the true meaning of Parenting.

Parenting Write For UsIt supports a child’s social, physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual development of a child from his/her birth till adulthood. Parenting involves developing a healthy and hygienic environment around the children, taking several decisions about their education and career, safeguarding their social development, etc.

Best 5 Parenting Skills

Best 5 Parenting SkillsTo keep our children healthy, prosperous and happy, we should modify our parenting skills to the best. So, here are some few essential parenting skills given below:

1.     Concentrate More on Good Behavior than Bad Behavior of Your Children

According to Alan Kazdin of Yale University, parents should focus more on their children`s good behaviour than their bad one. Mostly, parents think more about their children`s negative behaviour and try to change it by scolding them. When the children receive so much scolding from their parents, they start believing they are bad children of the world who get scolded every time. They won`t get any motivation from scolding. Instead, they are discouraged. As a result, to build good parenting towards your children, try to have patience and handle the situation with dedication. By this, you will definitely find improvement in your child`s behaviour over some time.

2.     Never Shout On Your Children

According to Ming-Te Wang`s study, children`s behaviour worsens the more you shout at them. It is understandable that, in some situations, it is difficult to have patience, and you come out with anger. To improve your parenting, try to understand or explore the point of view of your children, and then make the best way to explain their mistakes.

3.     Show Your Children the Right Path to Positive Challenges in Life

Carol Dweck has found that people who positively take challenges are more likely to succeed. They grab life lessons from obstacles and challenges. Others go through shortcuts and always find difficulties in the end. They go for more accessible and quick actions, which results in them being unsuccessful. Therefore, good parenting will always teach their children to overcome every life challenge and explain all the side effects of shortcuts. This encourages children and takes them on the right path to success.

4.     Never Spoon-Feed To Your Children

Almost all parents want to see their children with self-responsibilities and independence. But some parents pamper their children a lot in their adulthood. Also, they do every simple and small work of their children, which can also be done independently. To avoid this type of parenting, make your children independent, have self-esteem, and do their work alone. Let them try their work again and again until they succeed in it.

5.     Teach your children to make sense of security

According to Lee Raby’s research, children who acquire a strong security sense from their childhood can lead their future life better and will have strong relationships in their adulthood. Having a sense of security is the most obvious, but having it earlier will help the child’s social development. To teach your children as a good parents, you should appreciate them, respect them, know their feelings, give them full attention, be trustworthy and approachable, etc. Through this, the bond between parent and their children will become stronger.

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