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Stylish Blue Swirl Nails Ideas for Your Next Manicure

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Blue Swirl Nails: Always been the one with bare nails or the classic French manicure? If so, you might wonder how to change the look of your nails because you’re probably tired of having similar nails every time.

Adding colour to your blue swirl nails instead of always going for neutral or white colours makes your nails look much more exciting!

Blue Swirl Nails Collection

Blue Swirl Nails Collection

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What to Look for When Making Blue Swirl Nails?

So, if you decide to use blue nail polish for your next manicure, here are a few things to consider.

First, you need to decide which shade of blue you want to choose because there are so many beautiful ones out there! My favorites are pale blue and royal blue.

Next, you need to decide if you want short or long nails for your blue manicure (and don’t worry, there are plenty of blue manicure options to choose from for both nail lengths). Finally, you need to decide what kind of nail shape you want and if you will design it.

If you need help choosing your next blue manicure, here are some great Blue Swirl Nails manicure ideas to try ASAP.

Trend Warning: 15 Ways To Wear Blue Swirl Nails

Trend Warning: 10 Ways To Wear Blue Swirl Nails

Blue Swirl Nails are finally back in fashion, and we, for example, are very happy about it! It’s no secret that we’re partial to shades of blue, and now that they’re popular again on nails, we can’t wait to reserve one of our nail sticks. With so many nail designs to choose from, choose your style and order from Duck & File Mayfair or Islington to make your nail dreams come true.


This design with blue swirls and daisies is the perfect way to wear Blue Swirl Nails this summer. Whether you’re lounging in the field, making garlands, or sunbathing on the beach, your nails are ready for any summer activity. Artist: @gelsbybry


This design combines two trends: Blue Swirl Nails and abstract swirls. We imagine these babies wrapped in prosecco mugs at our Mayfair salon or art gallery opening.


Another floral design, but these blue floral nails are too cute to ignore! Use three shades of blue to add volume to your nail art and make it stand out.


Blue is often associated with cold, but these Blue Swirl Nails are on fire. Although they are a bit bolder, you can alternate between a simple design and colour for a more subtle look while still being on-trend.

5. Royal Blue Nails

If you don’t like designing and want to make your nails look simpler, you can achieve this with blue nail polish. The toughest part is deciding which shade you want to use.

One of my favourite shades of blue nail polish is royal blue, like this beautiful shade called Royal Sapphire from MBA Cosmetics. Although It looks like your nails are made from gemstones, the polish is free from 10 harmful chemicals and is not abused.

6. Blue and White Nail Design

If you want a short nail design with blue nail polish, I suggest you choose a classic blue and white nail design. Blue and white nail polish look great together, especially if you want to do a design like the v-neck jacket above.

You can definitely do it yourself with duct tape or have it done at a salon, but to be honest, I would probably buy these fake nails on Etsy as they have the perfect design for you.

7. Blue Glitter Nails

Whether you like acrylic or longer nails, there are so many great nail styles you can choose from using blue nail polish!

For instance, for those of us who love sequins, you can try this beautiful sparkly blue glitter manicure shown in this tutorial. It would be amazing, especially in the winter – it looks like a starry sky.

8. Blue Marble Nails

Blue marble nails look great not only on short nails but also on long nails! It’s a bold look, but this is fun if you’re into getting attention.

So if you want to try this nail style but have long nails, you should check out this quick guide to see how to copy this blue manicure idea. Then head to your salon for this!

9. Blue French Manicure

French nails are all the rage right now, but we’re not talking about the usual classic white and nude French manicure we all know and love. This year’s trendiest look is colourful French tips!

And it gives you the perfect opportunity to add some colour to your nails with blue nail polish. You can even use bright blue nail polish, as shown in this tutorial, to make your nails stand out. It’s very Y2K and fun.

10. Blue and Purple Ombre Nails

If you want to get cool ombre nails but want your nail design to stand out, I would recommend adding another colour with blue nail polish.

For example, purple nail polish would look great with a blue base colour, as shown in this video.

11. Blue Ombre Glitter Nails

If the ombre nail design is not glamorous enough, you can add some glitter to it to make your nails stand out.

Silver sequins will look perfect with just about any blue ombre you decide to try. I would suggest adding glitter to the tips of your nails for a beautiful stardust effect.

12. Blue Abstract Nails

Another nail trend that you will love and that you can achieve with blue nail polish is the abstract nail design.

If you’ve never tried this nail trend before and want to know exactly how you can get this look, check out this tutorial that uses different shades of blue nail polish to create a cool abstract nail design. It’s almost like a painting or a stained glass window, so attractive and unique.

13. Ocean Blue Nails

This video shows you can also make a beautiful nautical design with aqua nail polish. Seriously, so cute! This kind of nail gives a mermaid vibe.

While this nail style may seem a bit more detailed, you can check out this quick guide to see exactly how to do it.

14. Nails with Blue Butterflies

Butterfly nail designs are also very popular right now (in line with the 2000s comeback), so if you want to keep up with all the nail trends, you can opt for blue nail polish.

I love the pastel blue nail polish butterfly style, as shown in the tutorial above. It’s cute and will look at home in a Y2K music video.

15. Baby Blue Nails

If you want a simple blue acrylic nail polish idea, I suggest you use blue nail polish on acrylic or long nails because it looks amazing.

Also, this particular nail style is trendy now as pastel colours are always popular in the upcoming spring season.

Conclusion Blue Swirl Nails

Conclusion Blue Swirl Nails

I’m sure you’ve seen the marble nails trend before; it has recently been so popular. If you want to stretch it a try this season, I love how this nail idea looks in blue.

You can do so many different styles of marble nails with blue nail polish. For instance, you can use different shades of blue, blue and white, or even blue through other colours as shown above

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