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How to use Honey to Remove Dark Spots on the Face

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Dark Spots

Dark Spots: Honey is an ingredient that has been used both in food and in the field of beauty since ancient times. Egyptian and Greek cultures took benefit of the beauty properties of honey to insert it into their cosmetic treatments and thus show off a hydrated, young and radiant face.

At OneHowTo, we want to bring you closer to the uses you can give honey to improve the appearance of your skin and hide imperfections such as sunspots. This article will reveal how to use honey to remove stains on the face, just as the women of the first human civilizations did.

Properties of Honey for the Skin

As we have already mentioned, honey is a perfect ally for your beauty treatments to make your face look clean, hydrated and smooth. This is because they have numerous properties that work absolutely for the care of our face; in the middle of them are:

  • Deep hydration: Honey contains raw materials and vitamins that help maintain our skin’s moisture throughout the day.
  • Vigorous cleaning: honey’s benefits are that it cleanses in depth thanks to its natural oaks that manage to eliminate toxins.
  • Natural exfoliant: honey is an ingredient with a high sugar content, something that manages to exfoliate the skin without hardly damaging it because, at the same time, it acts as a powerful moisturizer.
  • Anti-acne and anti-blemishes: the hydrogen peroxide contained in honey favours the cleansing of impurities and prevents the skin from other microorganisms without drying it out in the least. Honey also has skin-lightening properties that will visibly reduce dark spots.

Lemon and Honey Mask for Dark Spots

We have already told you about the properties of honey for the face and, specifically, for stains. But you should know that if we combine it with lemon, we can increase its ability to lighten the skin and thus combat skin blemishes more deeply.

Lemon provides astringent properties to the skin, helping to close the pores and lighten the face; Along with honey, this homemade mask becomes an infallible remedy to improve stains. To get it done, you will need these ingredients:

  • The juice of 1 lemon
  • Two teaspoons of organic honey

In a container, you must mix both ingredients until you achieve a homogeneous and compact paste; then, you should apply it to the area of ​​the face with stains and leave it to act for 30 minutes. After this time, rinse the skin well and use your usual sun cream to be protected from the Sun’s rays.

Home Remedies for Blemishes

In addition to lemon, other natural ingredients effectively remove skin blemishes. They are remedies that you can easily do at home and with which you will be able to reduce the darkness of your blemished skin considerably. Some of the most effective are the following:

  • Lemon and parsley mask: lemon is the quintessential natural lightener, which is why its use in many home treatments for dark spots. You should mix the fruit drink of 1 lemon with two tablespoons of chopped parsley, apply it to your face, and send it off to act overnight.
  • Yogurt and carrot mask: the carrot helps close the skin’s pores while the yogurt provides hydration; this mask is also suitable for treating acne. You have to blend one carrot with half a natural yogurt and let it act on your face for 20 minutes.

Avoid Skin Blemishes

In addition to applying these beauty treatments to remove stains. You must consider the factors that could lead to them appearing again on your face. For this reason, you must follow some simple guidelines that will protect you and prevent the appearance of stains.

  • Protect your skin from sunlight: the spots appear due to being exposed to the Sun without any protection; therefore, to prevent them from occurring, you must apply sunscreen with a minimum of 30 saving daily. Even if the day is cloudy, UVA rays damage your skin. So always protect yourself physically from them if you want to avoid stains.
  • Take care of your face: You must have a hydrate. Clean and well-groomed complexion to show off a perfect complexion without spots. Now you acquaint with how to use honey for dark spots. But it is also advisable that, if they are very dark. You go to a dermatologist to tell you how to treat them.
  • Drink a lot of water: internal hydration is also essential to show off a healthy and beautiful face. You should swallow at least eight glasses of water daily to adequately hydrate.
  • Vitamin A, C, and E: These vitamins help us fight blemishes and help make our skin look brighter and luminous. Be sure to include this food in your diet to prevent stains.

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