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Few Simple Ways to Look Beautiful Without Makeup

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Makeup – Look Beautiful Without Makeup on those occasions when you do not want to use any cosmetics, we share some tips so that you look beautiful and your face looks healthy and beautiful.

All women are beautiful in their way. Although makeup helps us highlight those features that we love and hide some details that we don’t like so much, there are times when we don’t feel like wearing makeup and prefer to stay natural.

Drink enough Water

If you keep your body hydrated, your skin will be the first to reflect this, as it will look fresh and smooth. Try to drink around 2 litres of natural water a day and avoid drinks such as soft drinks and processed juices.

Sleep Well

Asleep between 7 and 8 hours a day will help prevent dark circles and wrinkles from appearing, and your skin will not look dry or withered. However, if you have trouble sleeping, especially in hot weather, here are some tips to help you rest better. Adding cooling bedding from brands such as Muslin Comfort can make all the difference in helping you sleep better.

Take Care of the Small Details.

Even if you agree not to wear makeup, you pay attention to some details, such as keeping your lips hydrated or your eyebrow well plucked (if you do). To see you careless and better highlight your features.


Frequent use of sunscreen – even if you are indoors – is essential. Not only for health issues but also to make your skin look smooth and beautiful.


Show Security

Beauty is not only external; it is design in the interior. Maintaining a confident attitude to the world will make you look radiant and confident. There is no doubt that a confident woman does not go unnoticed anywhere.


Our smile is the most beautiful accessory we have. But it must not be a fake or acted smile. On the contrary, it must be real because you will transmit to others the joy, confidence, and love you feel for yourself.

Exfoliates the Skin

it is essential to exfoliate the skin to eliminate dead cells and restore the natural glow :

  • Cleanses facial skin to remove traces of dirt. Use a cleansing gel that suits your skin type, and if you don’t know which one is yours, find out here: How to know my skin type.
  • Apply the exfoliating product while your face is still damp, and massage your face in continuous circles to promote circulation.
  • Rinse with plenty of cold water.
  • Apply a moisturizer after exfoliation.
  • Exfoliate the skin on your face about after a week. Please do not do it every day, as you could irritate your skin and worsen its appearance.

You can buy scrubs in beauty stores, but you can also make your own at home by following our steps in How to make homemade face scrubs; they are simple and made from natural products!

Hydrate your Face

Skin hydration is essential to look beautiful and stay young and fresh, as it will make it breathe properly. To do this, use your usual moisturizing cream, which you can accompany with the prior use of a moisturizing facial serum. Apply equally in the morning and at night, and you will help your skin retain moisture and stay glowing.

Also, always remember to drink at least two liters of water a day so that both the skin on your face and the skin on the rest of the body reach an adequate hydration level.

Take Care of the Eye Contour

Over time, dark circles become more and more visible and irremediable. However, we can hide them without the need to use makeup, only with the help of an eye contour cream :

  • Apply a minor quantity of cream on a clean face.
  • Make small strokes around the eye contour and from outside to inside.
  • Dab gently on the eyelids following the same procedure.
  • Give light massages until the cream is entirely into the skin.

On many occasions, the notable appearance of dark circles is due to a lack of hydration in the area, so keeping the skin hydrated will also help reduce their appearance. In addition, we recommend that you avoid touching the skin around the eyes too much, as it is thinner and wrinkles more easily.

Use Essential Oils for Lashes

Curly and voluminous eyelashes are a great symbol of beauty. However, when putting on makeup, we usually use mascara, a product that, over time, can be very harmful to our eyelashes and can even encourage them to fall out. Instead, we suggest using coconut oil for eyelashes, as it has antioxidant properties and essential minerals that help maintain the volume of your eyelashes without the need to use makeup.

  • Apply a little oil to your lashes at night.
  • Let it act without rinsing.
  • Wash your face as you frequently would in the morning.
  • Apply it every night to notice its effects.

Apart from coconut oil, you can also use olive oil following the same procedure (having heated the oil).

Use Face Toner

If you want to show off bright and healthy skin without makeup, the toner cannot be missing in your bag. The tonic restores the skin’s pH and removes fat from the face. To apply it correctly in a beauty routine, follow these steps:

  • Wash your face well before applying toner.
  • Spread it over the skin and gently massage. You can use a cotton pad.
  • Apply a moisturizer or any other facial treatment such as serums.

Keep your Hair Healthy and Wear Simple Hairstyles

Keep your hair clean and hydrated. To do this, you can use natural shampoos or essential oils since the abuse of conventional products can damage them. Also, you can apply homemade masks from time to time to make sure your hair stays vital and young.

Well-groomed hair guarantees beauty for your face, but you can also help yourself with easy hairstyles that you can do daily. Here are some hairstyles that will make you look gorgeous without trying too hard:

  • A quiff hairstyle is ideal for showing off shiny hair at celebrations.
  • For informal occasions, you can always resort to a bun with loose hair or semi-collected hair with the help of a braid.
  • If you have a tiny face, you can put it in a ponytail or braid it as it will help to highlight it.
  • If you have long, wavy hair, you can leave your hair down and make it look shiny and hydrated.

Keep your Lips Hydrated and Exfoliated

Many times, we mistake ignoring our lips, which makes them look ugly and dry in the absence of makeup. To hydrate them, spread natural Vaseline as many times as necessary a day to prevent them from peeling.

From time to time, you can also exfoliate your lips with the help of a toothbrush to get more softness. Some natural lip scrubs are sugar and coffee.

Define your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are essential to show off a beautiful face without makeup like eyelashes. You must remove all those hairs that project from the eyebrows with the help of a tweezer and constantly review their shape and definition.

Eat a Balanced Diet

A good diet benefits not only the internal health of your body but also the external appearance of your body. Eating healthy means that your skin will receive the necessary vitamins and minerals to rejuvenate cells and stay hydrated, young, and firm.


It would be possible to look beautiful without wearing makeup if you’re used to grooming yourself and doing a few touch-ups (with accessories, cosmetics, clothing, etc.).

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